Amp for Joseph Audio Pulsars

Would appreciate amp recommendations for Joseph Audio Pulsars. Can be SS or tube.
What price point are you thinking about?

Joseph Audio demo's their speakers at Audio Shows using Bel Canto and Hegel. AXPONA is in Chicago this weekend, it will be interesting to see what they use to demo, most likely Bel Canto.

I have Joseph Audio RM25XL M2's, sounded nice with Bel Canto, but sound amazing with Hegel power. I have the Hegel H300 and 160, both integrated and sound amazing with my JA speakers and my Dali's.

JA used Rowland front end at the AXPONS show last weekend, sounded very good.
Octave is another tubey option.
A few years back at the NYC audio show the pulsars were being driven by a unison research unico integrated (model 50 if memory serves). Sounded excellent!

Pulsars are very good speakers. By that, I mean they will respond to the quality of the front end and quality of the amps driving them. The better the electronics, the better they sound. The more nuanced the electronics, the more resolution the music they reproduce. You can double the price of the Pulsars for an amp and not be disappointed.