Amp for JMLab Alto Utopia Be Focal

Is the ML 432 Amp a good one for my new Focal speakers?
Thanks for your recomendations.
I have used in the past the Graff GM100 OTL with Klimo Merlin with my Alto's.I now have Chapter Audio Prefac+ and Couplet(430x2 into 8ohm).The sound just blows me away.We are talking goosebumpsville.The Be tweeter can be very detailed yet sweet and magical.The 11" Focal woofer needs SS slam power.IMHO.
Thank you Talk2me, but in Vienna, Austria I don`t have so many choices to trye different amps on my system at home. Now I can buy Mark Levinson 432 for good money to replace my Symphonic Line RG 10 MK4. I don`t know if its a better one as my own. I`m looking for a good red book CD Player too. Maby the ML 390S or Audio Aero Prestige are the right to play sweet with my Alto`s???
Darek1-nice to hear from a fellow Austrian(born in Salzburg).If you can drive down to Slovenia try- Ubiq Audio
Parmova 25
1000 Ljubljana
Tel: +386 12362109
Thanks Talk2me for the contact. I have sand eMail today in the mornig to this guys. I have found the adress on AA website. Darek1 (no born in Austria, but since 25 years in Vienna)