Amp for JM Lab Mezzo Utoptia's

I've recently moved my (2) Threshold T-200 monoblocks to the HT. Temporarily, I'm using a Bryston 4b to replace the T-200's. Anybody have any suggestions for amps to replace the T200's. I'll be selling the 4b. I'm using a Threshold T-2 preamp and a Meridian 508-24 CD player in a room 25x20 with a 16 foot cathedral ceiling. Speakers are JM Lab Mezzo Utopias. Music is 90% classical and female vocalists and about 10% pop&rock. Thanks.
I would most definitely contact Bill Parish. He's an expert on this subject and I trust his judgement. Bill is renowned for setting up truly world class systems and a JMlab dealer.

As for me, I'm a very happy JMlab owner...
audio reserch vt200 might make a nice match for classical music
if you can find them anything tube research will make you feel as you are their. i have jm labs as well with tube research and it is awsome

Classical & Music = Jadis
Jadis JA80 and JP80mcp are the excellent choice for JMlab.
i agree jadis sound awsome. i have had many of their products. they are tube eaters, as they run the bias very high. their is also a question of reliability.
Do you have a YBA dealer near you? These pieces are combined often in France. I heard the Mezzo Utopias sounding very good here in Phoenix on Audio Refinement,
YBA's entry level electronics.
You might try Pass X series also...

Thanks for all your responses.

Danielk141: I have a YBA dealer a 50 miles away, but they don't sell JM Lab. I heard JM Lab Utopias with Audio Refinement at the CES show in NY last May. The environment has highly controlled with room treatments and power conditioners, but it was impressivefor a one thousand dollar 5 channel amp(100 watts per channel) driving $30,000 speakers in an HT environment.
I also listen to classical & can second the Jadis and the YBA (Passion pre->Passion stereo, in my case) recommendations. There are certainly other combinations that escape me. I have heard, but not confirmed, that Mr Mahul (also) uses wide-bandwidth electronics to test/voice his products -- maybe an indication worth pursuing?
If you're into details and not bass power, a 300B SET amp would be great. If you're into powerful presentation, Pass X250 or X600's or Bryston 14B would be good choices.

As for a good 300B amp, I have heard Canary driving both the Mezzo and Grand(just high frequency) and did an excellent job.
I would recommend, the Mcintosh MC 352, Levinson 332, 333, 335, 336, Alchemist Statement, Meridian 557 Bridged or the Bat VK 500.
Jandu: I have a Pass dealer local so I'll be considering Pass along with McIntosh. Curious, any reason you did not mention the Pass x350?

Doug99: I'll be demoing the MC 352; I demo'd the MC602 but it was with Martin Logan Electrostat speakers, not JM Labs. Do you have any experience with the MC602?? I'll have to look for a levinson dealer. Thanks