Amp for Jm Lab Electra 920 (pass,krell)?

I am looking for a amp/pre suggestion to match JM lab Electra 920's ( 92dB 4.5ohms min) Am considering Krell 300i, Aragon 8008, and Pass Aleph 3. I have not heard the Aleph 3 and wondering if it has enough juice. Also, Cd player is denon 1650AR. Any insights appreciated.
I would 'strongly' recommend going with tubes or a good hybrid, or a warm solid state amp. It sounds like you are primarily looking at solid state - definitely try the new Monarch SM70 Pro's in monoblock mode. Also the White Audio/Llano designs gear is very good for the money. I noticed someone has the 35 watt monos on auction here. Tubes will definitly provide a much more 'open' sound with the Focal/JMLabs drivers. Good luck!
Try the Plinius 8150 integrated amp. 150 watts per channel. Very tube like sound but with power and control. Easily out performs krell 300i. If you have any queries contact contact Peter Thompson at Plinius. Very friendly and helpful
I agree with Maxie on the Plinius 8150i it is a wonderfull sounding intergrated amp. I am currently selling mine to go to seperates if you are interested email me at [email protected]