Amp for JBL L112


I am looking for a power amp to drive my JBL L112 (with titanium tweeters).
Maximum 1200$.
For now, I have the follwing options:
Phase linear 400 at 670$
Threshold S200 at 1140$
QUAD 606 at 650$
adcom gfa 555 II at 500 $
I know this sounds expensive, but these are the prices in France (I live there).
What is your advice?
which one is the most suited to my tastes (regardless the price) ?
which one is the best value for $ ?

My room is 30 m2 wide
I like controlled bass, large soundstage, defined but warm mediums and highs.
I don't like "hard" highs and mediums, (such as the NAD i ve been listening to)
I prefer a slightly warm sound (enjoyed the quad 405 mediums, but muddy bass)
I listen to jazz (lot of bass, drum, piano trios), latin jazz, 70's African music, roots reggae, electro and classical music. I listen at various sound levels. I don't want an amp that sounds well only at high levels.

Thanks for reading, hope someone has already compared those amps in similar conditions (espiecailly phase linear 400 against threshold s200)
On my JBL 4311's I found more power tightened the bottom end even though the speakers are quite efficient - going from a 70wpc Rowland to 250wpc Rowland monoblocks. What I found was good clean power plus a tube preamp to provide the warmth. Bryston amps also worked well in conjunction with a tube preamp.
ok thanks for your answer but this doesn't help me for the choice of the power amp ...
Of the amps you've mentioned, my view is keep looking. Since you are in Europe what about picking up an older Symphonic Line, Burmester or YBA.
The Quad 606 features the current dumping circuit which means as the internal components age, this amp will self adjust to continue to produce quality sound. Internally, it features a small Class A amp cancels any distortion in the "current dumper" amp. Regardless my overly simplistic description, the 606 always sounds musical, and is open to a wide range of speaker loads should you ever change from your JBL's. Also, the Quad leans to the mellow side of neutral, something which might match well with the JBL. 606 is just a great amp, though not as widely appreciated in the U.S. just because it's not a U.S. manufacturer. The Quad current dumping circuitry was/is one of the few true innovations in solid state amps. Most amp designers simply tweak power supply, play with bias, etc. Peter Walker was an innovator and that amp will prove it to you.