Amp for Innersound Isis speakers

I recently purchased a used pair of Innersound Isis speakers and now need an amp that will make them sing.Thinking Sim Audio W-5 solid state or ARC vt100 tube. These amps(used) are maxing my budget.
Diz, why would you not consider the InnerSound ESL amp? It's excellent, and the price is reasonable. I'm using one to drive my Eros speakers and it sounds better than many other amps (including respected tube models) that I've tried. Good Luck!
I also own Innersound Eros speakers, and use the ESL amplifier; I strongly agree that this amp is ideal for use with Eros or Isis speakers, or any other electrostats. The ESL amp just "locks on" and makes incredible music with them.I have also used the ESL amp with Acoustats, and it was better than anything I've found to drive them as well. As a bonus, the Innersound ESL amp is capable of high-current output, and works exceptionally well with speakers that need current to "open up" and sound their best. I have personally used it with Gallo Reference and Apogee Duetta Signatures (full range planar ribbons),with truly excellent results. You just can't lose with this amplifier, because it's compatable with a wide range of speakers and systems (RCA & XLR inputs, cool operating temp., compact size and 45 lb wt, 300 watts @8 ohms, 600 into 4, per channel, and stable into 1 ohm loads! Need more power? Buy 2 and biamp. Upcoming (full) review in TAS.
Last year I auditioned the Innersound Eros speakers with their ESL amp in my listening room. I compared the Innersound amp to ARC VT-200, Melos 400 watt monoblocks, CJ Premier 8's and Bryston 7BST's. Each of these amps has a rather distinctive sound but I thought that the ESL amp matched the best with the Innersound speakers.
Anyone heard this amp with Martin Logan Requests? I have a pair and am looking for jaw dropping sound. The closest I have heard to that is Clayton M70 monoblocks. The Bel Canto Evo is too sterile for these speakers.
If money is no object, perhaps the ESL amp is for you. For me, the PS Audio 200CX is the ticket, I have Acoustat Spectra 3300's. I am about to bi-amp them as the PS does run out of steam at VERY high SPL's. Perhaps I should just sit colser to them. :-)But for $500-$600 used, the PS Audio 200CX is hard to beat.
Thank you all for such informative and educated advise.Sounds like the InnerSound has found a home. Special thanks to Audiokinesis!