Amp for harder music with lots of sounds.

Looking for amps that has punch and kicks and that fits for harder music with lots of sounds.Rock,electronic music etc.
Must have good midrange, tight bas.

Speakers PMC GB1
Source Arcam CD33
I'd consider bryston ( used or new ) . exc. all around amps with plenty of balls and a great guarantee......
There are pleny of amps that fit this bill.

BTW- all amplifiers that have any guts playing classical will work fine for death metal and electronia as well. Issues of power delivery into load, bandwidth and distortion really do not care what kind of music you play!

FWIW you might consider tube amplifiers as well- there are plenty that fit the bill, and as a manufacturer I can tell you that we play plenty of stuff across the spectrum. I don't think any manufacturer is going to limit themselves to female vocals and light jazz!
Most any SS amp with around 150 WPC should be enough. Those small woofers probably can't take a lot more power than that without sounding overly distorted or risking a failure.

PMC use Bryston for their active versions...why not go for Bryston...
I'm driving my Nuforce Reference 9s hard with lots of electronica w/vocals (Imogen Heap, Autamata, Venus Hum), and progressive rock (Flower Kings, OSI, Dream Theatre) and they are resolving all the musical lines of this complicated and dense music beautifully. Excellent tight bass, transparent as anything. Highly recommended!
I would suggest the McCormack DNA-500. Read any of the rave reviews on this piece - they are on the money.

I am continually amazed at how good this amp sounds in my system - tight powerful bass, great midrange, sweet highs, very dynamic yet also reveals all the slight nuances in the musical soundstage. Easily one of the best amps around under $10K, and maybe even under $20K. Power to spare, with excellent musicality, layering and lots of air around the instruments. Solid state just doesn't get much better than this without spending LOTS more $$$$$, IMO!
plinius sa 100 or any new plinius if you want slam and power with detail and finesse you cant beat these amps they are the best in the world for the money
I would suggest looking into the new North American Products H-cat mark III. By Roger Paul! It is said to be most amazing at high volume levels. Friends who have them can't stop raving about the realism beyond all other amps.