Amp for Harbeth p3esr


I have been considering making the switch from my current speakers to pair of Harbeth p3esr's for a small room setup. Current speakers are becoming overkill/fatiguing after a few hours of listening and was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on these speakers as far as amps are concerned. I see they are a fairly easy load to drive and my current amp is a Sony TA-A1ES. I really like the amp but am worried that if the Harbeths do not have enough bass, I do not have the option for a sub out on my current amp. Does anyone have any feedback as to how the bass will respond in a small well damped room roughly 10'x11'? Also, if a sub is needed, what amp in the $1k-$1,500 range with a sub out would be sufficient? Thanks!
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Check out the Review on Belles Aria works well with Harbeth
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I doubt you will need a sub.
In that size room you mentioned unless you like lots of bass output or listen very loud I don't think you will ever need a sub unless you like full orchestra music then maybe so.

The Belles Aria that was mentioned would be a good choice with your p3esr.

You have listed your budget but you may want to tell us what kind of music you like and the rest of your system.

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Sorry, my music taste is very broad and I listen to pretty much everything. I have no need for a turntable or anything like that.  Most of my listening is thru my Marantz NA8005 which I either stream to or use as a standalone DAC from my MacBook Pro.  The room is a small office type setup and my listening levels are rarely "loud". I have found that I enjoy lower to mid level volume but am not interested in an overly analytical amp/speaker combo.  The reason I like my Sony is that is has all the power I need with the bonus of being 20 watts into pure Class A which I really like.  Only downside to the amp is that it gets a little warm but other than that it is fine.  From what I understand, the Harbeth's are pretty easy to drive so the Sony should have no problems driving them.  If by chance I were to upgrade the amp as well, that would have to come at a later date but budget would be $1,500 - $2k max.  Again, if there is an amp that you guys think might pair better, I would consider selling the sony.  Hope this helps! Thanks for all the feedback!
If you get the Harbeth, don’t attempt to remove the grill without using this product! If not you will rip the grill!
Your current amp should work wonderfully in the situation you've described.