Amp for Harbeth 7ES3

Looking for an amp for my Harbeth 7es3's in the $2000-$3000 range new or used. My room is 12'x15'. I am using a Sony xa5400 cd player. My preamp is a DeHavilland Ultraverve 2. Very difficult to audition amps since I live in Maine and there are no Hi-end dealers even close. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks!!!
Shameless plug: Just listed my McIntosh MC-275 MK V that is driving my Harbeth M-40.1's. The sound is simply sublime with Harbeth IME, and it is the the best sounding amp I have owned. Only selling to downsize to a ss integrated so I can free up some money for an investment.
Hi, I think that a used DeHavilland stereo 845 would be a good match considering the size of your room. If your patient you could wait for one to come up for sale on the GON.
Good Luck, Tish

The moderators must be sleeping. This is from the forum moderation guidelines:

"What we will decline:
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Bad taste to use the forums to push your gear.
I suggest you contact the OP privately.

Now as for amps to go with Harbeth. take your pick, Harbeths are very easy to drive and work well with even the most modest amps, even receivers.

Check the Harbeth forum for much more info.
Hi Muzicat, Since pdreher paid his money to list the piece on audiogon maybe its not the same thing as trying to sell without posting an ad. Maybe? I don't know, but I'd just let the moderators handle it if it was up to me.
Don't mean any harm just my opinion, Tiah
Hi John,

I've owned a pair of these, and was using a naim 250 to drive them which worked wonderfully. I think the naim amps are made to drive these.
Apart from this suggestion, you should also look at the leben amplifiers, which I'm told is a match made in heaven.
You should seriously consider Racamuti's advice and go with the DeHavilland amp if you want to keep your present preamp. Best synergy is achieved that way.
I've used the Manley Snappers with both the SHL5s, and M40.1s. great match.
Thanks for all the suggestions. I would love to go with the DeHavilland amp especially for synergy with my Ultraverve pre but it's a little out of my price range. Also, I have found that the service at Dehavilland is first rate. Thanks again, I will do some research regarding some of the suggestions you have provided.
the mc275 would probably be a great choice and is a great amp. I hardly think you will find much of an argument in that regard price for performance.
Hi Johnc5, I looked up the DeHavilland stereo 845 in the GON bluebook and the used price is in your price range.
Good Luck, Tish
These speakers are not fuzzy, so anything sounds great with them.
LFD Zero LE, Luxman, Accuphase int amps sounds great with these speakers.'
After much consideration and research I am thinking about going with an integrated. My current top choices to compliment my Harbeth's are the Audio Research VSI60 and the Luxman L505u. Any other suggestions or thoughts on these integrateds would be greatly appreciated. I have around $4000 to spend new or used. Thanks
If sound quality is your sole priority, go with tubes. The AR VSI 60 or 55, Cary SLI 80 and VAC Avatar (difficult to find) are all reputable.
I use cary slp-05 and Music Reference RM200 to drive 7es3 and got great result. You cannot get wrong with mc275 and AR VSI60. But RM200 will have better dynamics IMHO.
Oh. if you are looking for SS integrated amp then how about NAIM UNITI or Supernait? NAIM products are proven match dor Harbeth.
Hello Johnc5,

I have had the Compact 7ES for many years , I used an Odyssey Stratos but I totally agree with the suggestion about a good tube amp.
(((NAIM products are proven match dor Harbeth.))
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Misguided info Yes Bchung I know you mean well but how do you think his tube pre amps output imp would go into a 5 k Naim?
Best Johnnyr