Amp for Grado's

Any recomendations for a headphone amp for Grado's (sr 125).
First of all, I would definately recommend the Grado RA-1 amp to compliment your sr125's.

Secondly, you need to visit if you haven't already. It's a headphone enthusiast forum with a fantastic group of people. I've been a member for the past few years and I haven't found a better forum anywhere on the web. You'll find all the info regarding headphones and amps that you need.

Good Luck
Without a doubt Grado RA-1. I own the RS-1 and Senn 600s and the RA-1 was designed to have synergy with Grado headphones and it does. It works good for the Senns also, but it really makes Grado headphones sing.

I use a Headroom Max with my Grado RS1s with great success, for what it's worth.
What about the 'Pure Class A Dynamic Headphone Amplifier' DIY project described on the HeadWize Library Projects page? I haven't used it, but just a thought. I'm using an older Audio Alchemy HPA-1.0 and have been thinking of trying something else with my Grado Sr80s.

A high-current output amplifier for low-impedance dynamic headphones such as the Grados. The amplifier features an new servo biasing circuit which operates entirely outside the audio feedback loop. The author includes a balanced-bridge version of the amp for headphones that are wired in dual-mono as well as instructions for converting a Grado SR80 to dual-mono operation. The bridged amp will output 4 times the power of the standard amp.
i have always appreciated the additional flexibility a headphone amp allows one to listen more softly than can be enjoyably listed to through a headphone jack without an amp.
I use a headroom portable desktop with senn 600's and would like to try grado phones. any suggestions for a particular phone with clear imaging and distinct bass even at low levels?
Barry Lewin