Amp for Gershman Avant Garde

I'm looking for a suitable replacement amp to power these. If anyone is familiar with these speakers and has a suggestion please send through. Thanks.
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I have heard the Avante Gardes many times, with different amps. My friend, who owns a pair, drives them with a pair of Kora tube monos. This is by far the best I have ever heard them sound. Kora is no longer distributed in North America, if I'm not mistaken, but their amps do come up occasionally here on the 'Gon.
I saw them hooked up to a krell hts 7.1 preamp, they sounded fantastic.
what are you currently using to power them? i owned a pair of avant gardes and used several different amps with them. i found they sound best with solid state amps, but they did perform well with high quality tube amps as well.
At CES this year I heard Gershman speakers with both VAC and Manley Labs amps with outstanding results.
I have driven my Avant Gardes with VTL MB 250's for 14 years. This combination makes the speakers virtually disappear. Hard to beat this combo.