Amp for Gallo Reference 3a's?

A buddy is picking up a pair of the new 3a's.

We heard them with a Vectuer 80wpc SS integrated and the Audiomat Arpege 30wpc tubed intgegrated. Both sounded great until they ran out of steam.

We also hooked up the JVC ES1 100 wpc hybrid digital receiver. This thing really cranked out the volume (good bass control) but its tonality was off and the high end was a tad hard. Decent for $200, but not refined enough.

Now, the problem is that the guy only has $1000 to $2000 to drop on an amp. The preamp will be either a tubed DIY or something used SS that is cheap (PCA-2 or Marsh 2000).

My feeling is that these speakers need some decent power/current to play loud (he has a large room 15 x 15 x 10) and the amp has to control the woofers well otherwise they will get boomy. He will look at the Gallo bass amp or a sub next year. He mainly listens to rock.

Options (used) we are considering:
PS Audio HCA-2 (concerned about power limit?)
Bel Canto Evo4 GenII with Cap upgrade
Aragon 8008BB or 8002
Krell ????
Sunfire Signature 600II
Parasound 1500, 2200II, or 3500
McCormack DNA225
Odyssey Stereo Extreme or Monos
BAT VK-200
Threshold S/5000e ( review is intriguing)

I would love to get him into a PASS X250.5 or a DNA500 or Plinius 250mkIV or Theta Dreadnaught or BAT VK-500 or Belles 350A or Gamut 200MkIII or Blue Circle BC26 or REDesigns LNPA-150 but he is pretty much stuck to his budget.

Any thoughts out there?

Thanks in advance!

Monarchy Audio SE 100 Delux or the tube hybrid 160, either can be had for under $2000. I have used the 100's to drive WATT/Puppy 5.1's and they never ran out of power up to 100 db levels.
I'm in the same boat, however my budget is a little greater. I would love to find a good tube amp match???

Anyway, one amp that looks interesting is the Butler 2250. It is a tube hybrid with 250 w/c. See the review on 6moons. You might find it fits in your budget if you look around.
Proceed HPA-2. 250wpc into 8, 500pc into 4. I have a BPA-3 (125wpc/8) that sounds very nice; a friend has an HPA-3 driving B&W N.803s VERY loudly and he loves it. Balanced or RCA inputs.

One HPA-2 is here on A'goN for $1500.
Quad 909 has a lot of current and should sound terrific. They tend to be neutral and musical...

I really liked the companion 99 pre amp when I owned it.
air tight atm 2....levinson m 27.5
I'm having great luck with my McCormack DNA 0.5--modded by Steve McCormack (SMC Audio) to Rev. A + (I added WBT connectors to the rev. a package).

Fast, neutral, more than enough power in a small to medium room...
Put Amplifier Technologies Inc. (ATI) on your list. Morris Kessler, the owner, is the man who got SAE started back in the '70's.

I picked up a pair of new AT1502's for $650 each. They have 150 wpc in stereo and 450 wpc in mono at 8 ohms. The build quality is great. The company even winds it own transformers. It's all made in the US to boot.

I have tubes in my upstream equipment so, I am not totally solid state and the sound gives me what I am looking for.

I have bought some thirty different amps in the past 15 years-Spectral, Audio Research, Ayre, Spectron, Pass, GAS, Sumo, N.E.W., Crown, Polyfusion, Graaf, VTL,-you get the picture, I am pretty hard to satisfy.

You can get major gains by going to monoblocs. Doing this with cheaper, good quality amps might surprise you over going to the name brands in stereo. I have Maggie 3.6's that certainly appreciate the power.

I auditioned the Gallo Reference 3's recently. I took one of my ATI's into the dealer and they were surprised. The comment from the sales rep was that it sounded better than the Parasound JC 1's.

Your listening biases may be different than mine but, when I can have great sounding, good looking, quality amps, and leave some major cash in my pocket, it leaves me to wonder about the value of the boutique amplifiers.
I am using Cary 805C's, and the combination works great.

While this may be a little out of you price range, I would suggest trying to find a used pair of SLM-100's. I had a pair these before upgrading to 805C's, and they were really nice. Also, a used Cary V12 may do the trick. These speakers seem to work particularly well with tubes or smoother sounding solid state.

In a review in Bound for Sound they liked the synergy between the Edge amps and the Gallos