Amp for Focal Diablo Utopia Colour Evo

Good morning all.  I have recently acquired a pair of Focal Diablo Utopia stand mounts and thinking it's about time to upgrade the system and would like to seek some advice from everyone here as I'm quite new to hi fi.
After doing a ton of research online, I'm considering:
1. PS Audio BHK pre and either 250 stereo or 300 mono
2. Benchmark LA4 and AHB2
3. Jeff Rowland Capri and 535
Do you think these would work with the speakers?  Which one would be best?  Any other suggestions?
Thank you for your help!

Folks here seem to like Gryphon Diablo and Focal. 
Plus, it's not often that your amplification and speakers can have the same name.
I use PASS XA100.5 with my Focals the class A amplification really smooths out that Beryllium Tweeter.

Enjoy the Focals they are a fantastic speaker when driven with the right electronics but can be ruthlessly revealing when they are not. 

Chuck is absolutely correct in that the Focal tweeters can be ruthlessly revealing with the wrong equipment.
I use an Octave Audio HP700 pre/RE320 amp with super black box with my Focal Scala Utopia Evos. In my opinion tube amps sound great with focal and I’ve tried various SS amps including the Gryphon Diablo. I’ve heard VAC amps sound great as well so that may be another option.
If you can, try a few amps out and see what you like. Good luck!
Thanks for your reply guys.  I'm currently driving the focals with a Primaluna Evo 400 power and a premare pre amp.  While I like the sound of the current setup, I do feel that the accuracy can be improved.  That's why I was thinking about the 3 amps that I mentioned.  You think these amps will be too revealing to the tweeter?  Many thanks