Amp for EgglestonWorks Speakers?

Curious as to what amps you're using with your Eggys? Which model Eggy and room size?
Andra II + BAT VK600se

Room is 14 feet wide by 18 feet deep. Speakers are on the short wall.
Using 2 McIntosh MC275A's in a mono/parallel configuration (150 watts per side) with a C2300 Preamp. Had a MA2275, integrated which worked fine; I just felt the the Andra II's needed around 120 to 130+ watts each -- sure enough, the two McIntosh amps are doing the trick nicely.
Eggleston Rosa with Pass Labs XA160. Room is about 15 X 16.5. Speakers are on the long side. The combination is quite good, but more power would probably be better. Egglestons need power. The Pass X350.5 or X600.5 would probably be ideal, though I haven't heard those combos.
Eggleston Fontaine II driven by the Spectron Musician 3SE with beautiful result. Ugrading the 5 fuses to HIFI Tuning Fuses and you will be in heaven ! You know me Rockadanny!
I am using Pass Labs X350.5 with my Andra 2's.
With the H-Cat as my Preamp, the Pass Labs meter barely moves when it is really cranking out the tunes.Great Match
Great bass, great soundstage, great sound.
Getting the speakers properly positioned is tough beacuse they are so heavy.I placed my Andra 2's 1/5 into the room from wall behind and sides.
They also took a while to break in.
Thank you for your responses. These speakers are not discussed much. I am happy with my 250wpc hybrid (AVA Fet Valve Ultra) but always wonder how they'd sound with other types of amps. I've only had hybrids and I don't have much opportunity to experience other set ups, and thus wonder what/if I'm missing anything. So Pass, Spectron, all tubes, battery powered, BAT, and Mac all intrigue me. I figured if I asked what folks are using they must obviously like what they have and this helps direct my curious pursuits whenever there is an opportunity to try something different - helps focus my trials to amps which work well with these speakers.
Any others? I think these speakers have just he right amount of bite and smoothness, which i why I like the so. Great for all kinds of music, even less than stellar recordings - not that they'll improve a poor recording, just allow you to listen to them more than other speakers I've heard.
I am extremely happy with my Andra I speakers (only 86 db) coupled with Art Audio Quartets (845 tubes, 50wpc). OK, so I have to cheat a little; I added two small but quick Martin Logan Depth i subs crossed at 45Hz to get the lowest couple octaves, but the 845 tubed Class A sound with the pure crossoverless midrange of the Andra Is is absolutely stunning!
1markr - I have a pair of ACI 65Hz in-line filters I have not yet tried. If I use them I'll not require so much power then? Any idea how much of a load is relieved from the speakers using 65Hz filters? Is it possible I could get away with 70wpc tube power then?
Rockdanny, I get away with using the 50 wpc monoblocks on my Andras, and that's without using any filters. I sure don't see why you couldn't run the 70 wpc tube amps. I can't quantify how much load is relieved, but the Esotar tweeter and Morel midrange drivers are easy to drive, so you should have no problem getting more volume than you can handle out of them.
Being said that driving the speakers to a good SPL is one thing, being able to drive the speakers to the optium level is another. With my BAT VK60, I thought it was powerful enough to drive the Fontaine II even with a pair of ACI Force Subs running stereo. I was aways feels it lacks the dynamics and mid bass. I was debating about changing my tube amp to SS amp for fearing I will miss the mid and high from my VK60. I tried Krell, it gives me the mid bass and bottom but the mid and high is not comparable to my VK60. Up until I got my Spectron Musician 3SE, I know my amp searching is over. I got them all now (high, mid, mid bass and low all better than my Vk60). After the Spectron has broken in this week, I confirmed that my EW FII was treated too politely in the past and it wasn't happy. It can do a lot more for me but I just didn't drive it hard enough to the level which it was designed to do.
1markr is using the art audio quartet monoblocks,and to
my hearing,they are the best amp for the Andra.His room
is bigger than an ordinary room,and yet the quartet were
filling the room nicely,the layering and the vocal you
will get from this monos is unbelievable.I do have Andra
also,I use to run them with X250,Plinius SA100,Odyseey
Stratos Mono Extreme 180 watt,they all sounded good.But
the Quartet are the amp for the Andra,they are so musical.
When I listened to 1markr place,I forgot the time,next
thing I know its 12:30 am.Thanks
1markr - Those must be some awesome amps. I'd love to try a pair of those but cost dictates otherwise for me. I was thinking about a pair of VAC Auricle Musicbloc 70's - also tube pp - as a used pair is currently for sale in my area. Not sure how they'd stack up.
I owned the Andra 2, and liked them alot. I gave up on them
only because my medium powered tube amps, around 140 wpc,
did not have enough power for my taste and listening habits. I did not want a bigger tube amp, or go away from tubes. So, off went the Andra's. That said, Wlo 98's
findings are IMO right on the money. FWIW, I did try one
hybrid amp and preferred my tube amp.