Amp for Dynaudios

I'm currently in the process of building a 2channel system and I'm just starting to look at speakers. I'm currently thinking of picking up a pair of Dynaudio contour s1.4 since the dealer is close to where I live and has excellent service, and of course I enjoyed listening to the speakers I just don't know what some of the other brands would sound like.

My music library consists of quite a bit of rock and metal, but there's also plenty of jazz and blues so I'm looking for an amp that's good with different genres. The dealer carries simaudio, Cary and vtl so I wanted to get some ideas from you guys on what I should be focusing on regarding amps and preamps.

I've only listened to sim integrated and I wasn't a huge fan, it just sounded a bit too sterile for my tastes. My other option is a Cary SLI 80 but I haven't listened to it. I'm also considering the BAT integrated but that dealt is quite far. These are all options around $3000, but today I just noticed the Moscode 401Au and although it a lot more expensive i'd consider it if I knew that the difference is worth and would suit my needs. At the same time I'll need some preamp recommendations to go with it.

Any other ideas are always welcome since there's a lot out there that I wouldn't know abou.
try plinius either intergrated ot small sa series with their pre amp
Conventional wisdom says that Dynaudios are best with beefy solid state amps. As to which one - pick your poison. Cary if you like a mellow top end and slightly flabby bass, Rowland for a sweet sound but with the other usual SS characteristics, Krell for a drier but more punchy sound, etc.
I really am impressed with the McCormack DNA-125 Smooth, Fast and Detailed. It has a great synergy with the Dyn's. Plus it has the high current that the S1.4's need since they drop to 4 Ohm. The McCormack does 200 watt into 4 OHM. Steve McCormack is one of my favorite designers. All of his designs sound fabulous and have a great reputation. He visits this site often to comment and answer forum questions. A Very special amp. PM me if you are interested I have one 3 yr old and 2 pair of S1.4's Maple and Cherry with stands. I am switching to a tube set up and was going to put these up next week:) Good Luck!
Seasons greetings fellow A'goner.My current 2 channel system consists of:Dynaudio "Audience 52SE"speakers,Marantz "DV-7001"multi disc player which runs through a Yaqin"Tube Buffer"(Tesla 6922 tube),Yaqin "MS-34D"Class A, EL34 Tube Integrated Amplifier(Shaguang EL34's & NOS Mullard M8100's),MAC cables(Silver Braided I/C's & Source HC Power Cords)all pluged in a Furman "PS-8"power station.Before I offer my opinion on your choices I want to DISPELL a few myths regarding Dynaudio speakers(especially when driven by tubes).It has been said that Dynaudio's are lifeless at lower volume levels.Whle this may be true when driven by most class A/B amps,when driven by quality,Pure Class A amplification this drivel goes right out the window.I am retired so I don't have fixed hours & often listen to music well into the wee hours of the mourning.Even at whisper quiet levels the 52SE's have all the tonal definition & musicallity you could ask for.Second people say they are too dificult to drive with tubes,BULL!My Yaqin puts out 40 wpc Pure Class A Tube Power & IT ROCKS THOSE 52SE's!Bass is DEEP & Tight with NO slop WHATSOEVER!Dynaudios are ACCURATE speakers & WILL expose any poor equipment in the system as well as POOR RECORDINGS so keep that in mind.They are definitly NOT rolled off & mellow speakers.Now my recommendation(OH MAN I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR THIS COMBINATION)is the Contour S1.4's driven by a VTL"IT-85"or the Cary"SLI-80"Tube Integrated Amp!My money says those combos would ROCK!!!The Dynaudios will highlite EVERY great aspect of tubes.As for loose bass with the Cary,I doubt that VERY seriously.Power transformers on todays tube amps are just too well built not to control the small bass drivers we are talking about with an iron fist.Maybe on big multi driver speakers but not something like the Contour S1.4's.Rolled off treble?Again NOT LIKELY with todays production tubes.One more thing.I have discovered that my 52SE's like all copper wire in the system.Check those S1.4's out with tubes & I'm betting you'll be in sonic heaven.Have a great weekend.
I have trouble driving my Audience 42 speakers with a 100 watt Creek Destiny integrated. I'm in a bedroom as well so it's not like I'm trying to fill a huge space with a small speaker either. Dyns are known to be a tough load so I wouldn't be looking at any amps that are lower powered. I've never tried tubes and don't care much for them just because I don't like having to power things down every time I listen. That BAT integrated you mention might be a good idea. Or maybe even one of the high powered Musical Fidelity integrateds might be worth looking into?
My vk-75 drove my Dynaudio 3.0's with what seemed to be very little effort.

Thanks a lot for the responses. I'll have to look into some of the suggestions, but at least it looks like a decently powered tube amp should be able to drive them. I'm not sure how it works in the audiophile world, since I'm just starting to get into it, but I've been playing guitar for a few years and the 2 amps that I have are both tube based (KT-88 and 6L6). I've tried solid state in the past and they just don't compare to the tube amps, so this is one of the reasons why I'd like to pick up a tube amp. Also, I'm used to letting my amps warm up so that won't be an issue with me.
If you are just getting into the audiophile world you are probably eventually going to find out that solid state sounds pretty great too. Tubes have their own charm too.
Hi, I am using with Pass Labs XA.5 and it's really nice match Dynaudio Moniters.
I run the Bel Canto Ref 1000 mk II/Pass X1 pre with my Audience 82s and it sounds sweet. They do need the current to sing and open up.

Your smaller Dyns might do fine with the Ref 500. Enjoy!
Guitar amps (either tubes or solid state)and their likes or dislikes dont apply to 2 channel stereo.I was a touring guitar player for 17 years and use a Solid state amp driving my Dynaudio
Toetapfactor: thanks for that comment. I guess I should remove any bias I may have towards tube guitar amps and just go in without any expectations when auditioning various amps.
i have a BAT 300xSE on my C1s currently---best i've heard.
Keithr: did you by any chance compare the C1 with the contour s1.4, I'm trying to figure if almost double the cost is worth it. The BAT looks really good I just don't have any dealers around to audition it. Could you give me a bit of a description of the sound or maybe a comparison with other amps you may have heard? thanks.
For me, some of the same texture and body I get from tube guitar amps I also get from tube audio amps.

I use a Rogue 90 to drive Contour 3.4s. It gives up some in bass "tightness" to higher powered SS amps, but really does pretty darned well overall.
The C1 is far superior to the 1.4----much more detail, much better bass, and driver integration is really superb. honestly, i liked my old 1.3SEs more than the 1.4. some may disagree with me, but that was a very special speaker. the Special 25 has a hot top end, so some like it, some dont (i prefer the more neutral Dyns)

as far as the BAT, i consider it pretty neutral but with a hair of liquidity in the midrange---i have heard Dyns with Sim and don't think that combination is all that the marketing guys think it is. i think Sim is pretty stale sounding. the BAT also is very well built and can drive Danes with ease. the other integrated i'd like to try is the Krell FBI---but its cheaper probably just to get a 400cx and tube preamp.

there are several BAT integrateds on the 'gon right now, so using one in your system would be an inexpensive way to try it. i also had a Pass X2/250.5 on my Dyns and liked that combo very much---but the Pass integrated is still pretty expensive (i sold the 250.5 because it didn't fit in my rack/configuration)


and btw, I've heard the Cary gear numerous times (the SLP98 is a preamp i have owned several times). i prefer the BAT on the Dyns by quite a large margin. i think you will need the watts.
I've had the opportunity to hear many models in the Dynaudio line.

Very few tube amplifiers drive them optimally. I highly recommend solid state be it A, AB or D.


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