Amp for Dynaudio Special 25's

I'm looking for a SS amp to team up with my Special 25's. I want tight and powerful bass, a realistic midrange and treble, and focused imaging. My price range is $2000-$5000 new or used. So far my short list is the Simaudio W-5 (possibly discontinued?) and the Plinius SA-102. My system currently consists of:

Cambride Audio D500 used as transport
Innersound Preamp
nOrh Le Amp monoblocks
Cables are a mix of Stereovox, MIT and Monster
Room size is approx 9' W x 14' L x 8' H

I'd appreciate any suggestions. Thanks
Good considerations so far, I would think a Pass Labs x250 would also fit the bill, check one out. Good luck!
The W5 is not being discontinued according to a Sim Audio dealer who posted on another thread regarding the W5LE. Sim Audio goes very well with Dynaudio.