Amp. for Dynaudio S1.4

Hi all ,

I wish to upgrade my current amp. I live in a VERY isolated city and to demo. an amp. is very hard , the two I have in mind are available to buy, but not to demo.

My room is 4.5 m x 5 m and will drive Dynaudio S1.4 'S.
Was looking at McIntosh MA6900 and Simaudio Moon i5 Intergrated Amps. I seek a fast detailed amp. but not at the risk of harshness. Is this possible with these two amps.

Thank you all ,

The McIntosh is many things but fast and detailed it is not. The Sim Audio will sound fanatasitc with that speaker as will the Plinius integrated and a the Blue Circle Integrated. I prefer the latter overall but the Sim Audio is also a wonderful combo with the Dynaudio gear.