Amp for Dynaudio: Pass Aleph 3 is OK?

My system is Dynaudio Audience 60, Adcom GFP 750 , and NAD 214 power amp. Source is Cal Alpha and Delta combo.

NAD 214 has a power to drive Dynaudio(86dB, 4ohms), but it does not have dynamics and details.
I would like to replace my power to either Pass Labs Aleph 3 or old Krell (KSA 50).

I don't play music loud and listening room is also small, so I don't need a huge amps, but I want all the details and dynamics even at lower volume, and Aleph 3 has good reputation for its clarity. I am not sure if it can drive my Audience enough.

My budget is around $1500, but I can spend more if a couple of hundred dollars improve sound dramatically.

Maybe, I could go with an integrated amps. I tried Bryston B-60, and it was quite impressive for vocal and jazz, but the base was laid back...

Any advice is welcome!

My budget is around $1500, but I can spend more if a couple of hundred dollars improves sound dramatically.

Maybe, I could go with an integrated amps. I tried Bryston B-60, and it was quite impressive for vocal and jazz, but the base was laid back...

Any advice is welcome!
Thats a tough one.How "small" is your room?
My room is 15x24x8 I get more than enough volume with my Aleph-3 and Paradigm Studio 80's @ 92 dB 8ohm.I sometimes listen "loudly" and I never have to use all the volume avaliable.The Aleph-3 is more powerful than most people think.Its sounds great at lower volume and gives up no detail.For $!000-$1200 used there may not be a better bargain!
Thank you!
My room is about 15x20. I just got an reaply from Dynaudio, and they said Aleph 3 could drive my speaker without any problem, but he added, "you can never have too much power".

How much power does the Aleph 3 have? I would concur with Dynaudio's statement that you can never have too much power - the Dyn's love it! If you're willing to live with a class A amp (from a heat-generation perspective), the KSA-50S is probably an excellent choice, even at 50wpc. Another possibility would be a Krell KAV-250a - they're being discontinued and are therefore available used for $1600, give or take. Krell amplification with Dynaudio speakers is typically a great match (I have that amp and the Contour 3.0's). The 250 has (as you might guess) 250w/ch and doubles with each halving of impedence (so 500w/ch into 4 ohm speakers). While you can never have too much, you'll have plenty. I've never listened to the 60's, but when I upgraded from 100w/ch Krell to the 250, it was a very significant upgrade - everything was much cleaner and clearer even at very modest volumes. I don't know what the NAD delivers, but I'm not surprised the speakers sound a little lacking in the dynamics. You'll love the improvement whichever route you go. -Kirk
Kthomas-The Pass Labs Aleph-3 is a single ended, 30 wpc pure class A bias.It is a true class A and sucks 250 watts from the wall at all times it is fired up.It plays MUCH louder than a 30 wpc should.
Correct me if I am wrong,but I believe the Krell amps you mentioned arent a *TRUE* class A design.
IMO,the Pass is the better of those Krell amps.I have a friend that has a Krell KAV 250 and the Aleph-3 smokes it.Of course the Krell plays louder but thats the only area it beats the Aleph at. I even like the bass of the Aleph better.It sounds more realistic.I am more than happy with the volume I get with 30 wpc.As they say "its the first watt that counts the most"
Kthomas, the Aleph 3 is a wonderful sounding little space heater. If you live in a colder climate the sound from this little amp will not only warm your heart but your toes on a cold winter's night. The amp can drive the speakers you mention but I can not attest to what volume. It appears that David99 feels it will supply sufficient volume, so I will go along with him. In any case, I have heard this amp many times before and can assure you that it is one of the sweetest amps of modest power I have ever heard. Best of luch to you.
Thank you for your all postings!

I did not have any experience with Krell powers, but I auditioned 300i integrated amp with Audience 60.
Please don't mad at me, all Krell 300i owners. In my experience, I don't know why 300i is so expensive ($2500).
Yes, the base was slamming, but that was it. May be I don't like too much kicking base, but I love tight and dynamic base, but Krell's sound was little bit off.
I have heard that Krell's KAV250a and 300i shares the same power, so I expect similar result with KAV250a.
I don't know.............Maybe, just Krell's pre amp in 300i is just not my type. I better try with KAV250a.

The reason why I am considering KSA 50 as a candidate is that so many people say the Krell is the best match with Dynaudio, and it is around my budget.

Anyway, I live in LA, CA, and no dealer has Aleph 3 any more.

By the way, I am pretty impressed with Mr. Nelson Pass. Yesterday, I emailed the similar question to him ,and I got an immediate reply from him. I think he knows what he is doing, and he must be a sincere person.
Just to be clear, I'm sure the Aleph 3 is a superb amp - I have heard nothing but positive remarks and reviews of Pass amps, and would love to try one in my system some day. I've never heard one under any circumstances, so I can't personally give it the thumbs up or down.

Also, absolutely if you're willing to live with the heat and the energy bills, go pure class A. I wouldn't try to dissuade anyone from going pure class A for performance - in fact, just the opposite. I believe the KSA50s is pure class A - the KAV-250a is absolutely NOT, and I didn't mean to imply that it was.

Kyongjin - the KAV250 and the 300i are VERY different beasts. The 300i has 150w/ch (the new iL has 200) and the KAV250 has 250w/ch. But, much more than the raw power, the KAV250 is at least a whole notch up in performance, retailing for more than the 300i did (does) as just an amp. Moreover, the reviews of the 300i, both professional and consumer, have recounted spotty performance, whereas the reviews of the KAV250 have been largely overwhelmingly positive. One of the Robert's for TAS (Hartley or Greene, I can never keep them straight), reviewed the 250 and gave it very high praise. It's currently in the perfect sweet spot of purchasing used - you can find show-room new condition used units (or dealer close-outs) that are only 1-2 years old, since Krell just announced new models, and it's available right at, or about, your budget price.

Although I have no problem recommending this as at least an option to think about (and encouraging you to not use your 300i experience as a reference), you may well prefer the sound of another amp, and I certainly wouldn't attempt to tell you you shouldn't. The KSA50s can certainly be had used for less than $1500 (probably closer to $1000). The Pass amps are very highly regarded and may be the best choice for your tastes. -Kirk

Very nice post Kthomas!
Please check out WHO R U and tells us about yourself.
As a fun alternative, the BAT VK 200 would be an excellent choice. High current, class A and in your price range (used). I've heard it shine with the Contour 3.0.
Unless I am badly mistaken, the BAT VK-200 operates in class AB. Excellent amplifier BTW.
Bamafan- I may have spoke to soon but I get confused about this with BAT stuff.

According to BAT:The VK-200 is a fully balanced, two-stage (driver and output), N-channel MOSFET-based solid state amplifier, utilizing a "single-ended, bridge topology" and no global feedback.

So single ended, bridged topology isn't Class A but it's not AB-push-pull either?

Anyway it runs relatively hot (thats what the MOSFETs like right?) and sounds great.