Amp for Dynaudio Confidence 3 s

Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Budget is $5k. Room size is 15 X 18. Considering Pass Labs, Plinius and ML. Thanks for your time.
I own a pair of Confidence 5s and use Classe' CAM-350s as amplification. Listened to Pass, Classe' Plinius, ML and others. Didn't like ML, sounded too "dark". Liked Plinius, thought wasn't a good value. Really liked the Pass and Classe', woud have bought the x600 if had the money. Bought classe' as a better value. Based on my experience, I might start w/ the smaller Pass amps, and the new CAM-200 monoblocks from Classe'
BAT VK 500. I listened to Confidence 3's being driven by BAT VK 500's and the newer VK 75SE at a dealer in IL. The VK 500 drove them effortlessly. This amp is certainly in your price range.