Amp. for Dynaudio C-2

Has anyone any advice for amp. to match Dynaudio C-2? I am considering:
Mark Levison No. 436;
SimAudio W-6 or W-10;
Musical Fidelity KW750...

anyone ever tried these combo? Or any other amp. to recommend? Welcome any opinions and recommendations.
I listen to mostly vocals and classic, but do listen to pop and rock casually.

I had the mark Levinson 432 with the C2s and it sounded great.
I have very different listening patterns (mostly rock, blues and jazz), but I recently bought the W-10's to go with my C2's and it is fantastic! I use the MIT Magnum M1 speaker cables. I can't speak highly enough of this combination - my only regret is that I can't really let the system rip more often, out of respect for the rest of the family.

I have been told that Dynaudio uses Simaudio amps to voice their speakers - don't know if that's true or not, but I'd certainly believe it.

Also, the W-10's run extremely cool while still sounding big and powerful - I have a room that is not well ventilated, so heat control is a big issue for me, and I can leave them on all the time with very little thermal impact. Most amps with enough heft to properly drive a pair of Dyns are going to heat up a medium-sized room.

Thanks for your input. Do you have a Simaudio pre-amp to go with the W-10? I read many positive reviews for SimAudio+Dyna combo, what is your take on their strengths?
I have some experience with MF, and Mark, but Simaudio is just new to me...


You "had" No. 432 with the C2... what do you have now?
Can you elaborate a little more on how "it sounded great"?

I am looking for a little more refine in the high and mid, and tighter bass... I tried different cables and accessories, but the difference is not that much. Thanks for your response.