Amp for Dynaudio Audience

I have slowly upgraded from Klipsch and a Denon 3803 AVR to Dynaudio Audience 52SE, 42, and HSU sub along with the Denon AVR. I am trying to upgrade and buy an amp next. I am going to use the amp along with the denon as a pre/pro until I can upgrade the the AVR. I have (3) audience 52SE up front for L/C/R and 42 on the sides. I am only running a 5.1 system that is about 60/40 movies to music. I really like the detailed sound of the Audience speakers and want to enhance the richness of the speakers. Having read that the Dynaudio speakers are very picky, I need advice. The amps I have been looking at in order are: parasound Halo A52/HCA 5 channel, Outlaw Audio 7125, Adcom 6006. Am I heading in the right direction with the amps I am looking at currently? Do any of you have experience with the Audience line and the amps that would help me. I also am open to other suggestions. I will use the denon for now but really like the Outlaw 990 pre/pro from everything that I have read if that matters with the amp I should choose.

I have been along much the same route. My odyssey was this: Audience 70s/Denon receiver, then used an ADCOM multi-channel amp and the Denon was a pre-amp, then Outlaw M200 monoblocks x5, then replaced the Denon with an Aragon Stage One. My advice: don't go ADCOM (quality control issues), the Outlaws are great for the money but you will replace them sometime in the future, the Halo or any other fine SS amp will do fine. The Outlaw pre-pro is an excellent step-up from the previous 900 which had quality control issues at first. I think you would be happy with the Outlaw components for a long time, and then, when money allows move up. If you are truly using the equipment for 60% movies, the 990 is the way to go. It won't be the finest for just 2 channel music, but will do everything well. Good luck, and remember, have fun!
all i can recomend is get something with power to make the dyns come to life,and of course all the other attributes!
You might want to add Simaudio to your short list of amps.
"03/25/2002 - At the recent annual Montreal Hi-Fi show (Festival Son & Image), internet publication SoundStage! awarded the Simaudio, Dynaudio, Harmonic Technology suite with the distinction of standout room."
Plinius and Dynaudio are the classic combination...
running i3 with my dyn 1.3se,s,sounds pretty darn good for a little 100 watter,i like th sim..dyn combo(acoustic zen are my cables..)