amp for Dynaudio 52SE

Hi, I am new in this area. I want to buy a hi-fi system to listen classic music. after doing some rearches, I limited my choice to dynaudio's 52se, my budget for speakers is about $1K.

please give some suggestions on integrated AMP and CD player. And of course, any recommandations for bookshelf speakers are welcomed.


Check out the Jolidas
Naim Nait 5i is only rated at 50 watts per channel but it didn't seem to have any problem with the Dynaudio 52se. The combination was vibrant yet very smooth..highly detailed but not harsh whatsoever. Imaging unbelievable. I sold both items to go with larger speakers which needed a more powerful amp. I find myself missing the sound I was getting from the Naim-Dynaudio combo.
The Dynaudios sure love the juice. I have the 72SEs and they respond better with 400 wpc than they do with my integrated at 100. I’m currently driving them with the Monster MPA 2250 and its quite good :)