Amp for Dynaudio 1.3SE's.. should I?? A question..

Here is my question gents. I currently own an Arcam AVR300. It really is a great piece. But I am thinking of getting a two channel amp just for the 1.3SE's for two channel stereo(fronts)... (I have the Contour T2.1 and rears as well)

Anyway, I really do not want to spend more than $1,500. Would I get not get much bang for the buck at this point? Will I get better perfomance than the AVR300? I am new to the audiophile world so you will have to excuse me. I was thinking of a used Aragon 2002 or something in that area. I do know that I need juice for the 1.3SE's... they eat power for breakfast. Thanks for any advice. Feel free to throw some tube stuff in there as well... (if you think its worth it at that price point)
I would try 2 solid state amps, depending on your musical leanings. If you want some drive and speed the Naim 200 amps used is a great option. If you want better tone and a bit of smoothness then the BC28 is a great amp that has a tube input stage to soften things up a bit. I think the Dyn's sounded best with the Naim amps. Another great combo I have heard that is similar to the BC but not as fast is a Sim Audio W-5.
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Vikvilkhu is absolutely on target. I would also suggest you give a pair of Electrocompaniet amps consideration. They match up with your speakers as if they were made for them and have power and amps of current to boot. Good luck!

I enjoyed listening to Dynaudio speakers with Naim amps. The problem is that Naim amps require Naim pre-amps. I have a vague idea why, but I'm not going to waste your time with my speculation here. I'm sure there are others who would be better at explaining it than me.

The point is, if you don't want to buy a new pre-amp, a Naim amplifier may not be the best solution.

You can get a Simaudio W-3 on Audiogon for $1500 or so. Many people enjoy how Simaudio sounds with Dynaudios. The W-3 puts out 120 watts at 8ohm and doubles down into 4ohm. It should be enough power for the Dyns.
Many people say that Plinius and Dynaudio work well together as well...
Thats what I have heard. Sim Audio seems to be the choice with Dynaudio. Naim also seems like a good choice but I really do not want to buy a preamp as well. Bryston seems good as well. Any other thoughts on cheaper amps? Thanks!
I have also heard that Plinius mates well with Dynaudio, but have not heard the combination myself.
I may be of help here.. I own a pair of 1.3se and have had several amps in my system with it. i would stay away from the tubes as they don't have enough power. having said that, a tube sound is what makes them sound best, very open and smooth. try the Sim audio gear very laid back and sound great with the 1.3se. I use to have the sim audio W3 and they were a great match. i now use musical fidelity with the 1.3 and is also very good but my my new gear was $6000 ..might be out of your price range. go with the sim audio you won't be disappointed.