Amp for Dynaudio 1.3 SE

New on this site...

What solid state amp could you recommend for my new Dynaudio 1.3 SE?
As per archive of this forum, Seems that Plinius and Sim Audio match well? What about Musical fidelity 3.2, Krell 400 xi,Arcam A85, Denon, NAD...?

Thank you in advance
I use the Sim Audio Moon P-5 and W-5 with those Dyn 1.3 SE. Everything is there. Incredible imaging, base, dynamic, detailed and fluid sound.

Hard to get better sound.

N.B. before those, I had Dynaudio Confidence 5.
Even these smaller Dyn's like power. I've heard them with Plinius, Mark Levinson, Pass Labs and Spectral amps. They need a minimum of 100 watts to bring out the best in these speakers.
plinius! i have the 8200p and an ayre k3x pre with contour 2.8's (confidence style tweeter)and wouldn't consider changing, at least until my son grows up and i can get my goodies out of the cabint and try a class a plinius amp. simaudio was a little too fast/more clinical to my ears.

bingonh-how does the bass compare between the confidence 5 and the 1.3se? you must meed a sbwoofer?
I heard the NAD S200 amp on the Dynaudio 1.3. This was an awesome sounding combo.
A french review made great comments while using the Nova plus the I-3 on the 1.3 SE. The gave the Diapason d'Or to this combo. No doubt the I-5 would work well.
thank you for yours comments and advises. I compared musical fideilty integrated 3.2, moon i-5080 and creek (I do not remember the reference but roughly the same price as MF). I chose moon i-5080, in despite the fact that it is 80wpc @ 8 ohm only (it would be around 100 wpc for 1.3 SE @6 ohm). dynamic and fast, neutral (not the case for creek), with a very, very extended bas (not the case for MF) and really impressive stereo image. it is true that with some more power it would be better, but i-3 model was not available (i-5 is out of budget...). as the i-5080 model becomes "old", I have got a huge discount - final price was 900 USD... now, I can go for better cables.