Amp for Dyn 25s/tube pre

I have a Cary SLP98P, and want an SS amp to run on Dyn Anniversary 25s (when I buy a pair in the next month). I had a pair of 1.3SEs with a Cary V12i, and thought the Dyns could use more "umph", especially since I listen to a lot of house music, where I want fast, tight bass. While the mids were gorgeous, I thought the all Cary combo was a bit too euphonic as well. Hence, i want something fairly neutral this time around, that is not bass-shy.

What should I be looking at? Pass X150 seemed logical regarding my goal of neutrality amp-wise, but I worry of its low input impedance in matching with tube pre. Never been a fan of Levinson, Krell, and the like. I had a Rowland Concentra II for awhile, and it didn't seem like a great synergy either with the Dyns.

I would think I need a good 100watts or more at least to drive them in my 14x18 room.

CDP will most likely be a Meridian 508.24.

As far as price, looking at 3-4k used tops.

Thanks in advance!

Check out McInonsh, Bryston, and Classe. My personal favorite would be a BC28, I plan to upgrade to the 25 and bought the BC28 in prep for its purchase. check out the BC26 maybe perfect for you as you liek a different type of music than I.
For neutrality, power that seems beyond its 100-watt rating, and speed, try an Ayre V-3. They are available for under $1500 used on this site. If you want 150 watts, try the new Ayre V-5. I think Ayre amps are incredible, and many others agree. Check with member Driver, who owned a V-3 and upgraded to a V-5, for his informative impressions.