Amp for Duevel Bella Luna

Currently running a Bel Canto Pre2P/ Evo2 Gen II combo and am looking to upgrade the amplifier section although I like what I hear! I do not need lots of power (30-50wpc) and would like advice on the solid state side (I know where to go for tubes). Budget up to $2500 used. One consideration is Lavardin, any other?

Check with Ted at Thor . ( owner of Thor Audio ) ..he has been mating Thor TPA 30's (tube mono's) for years with the Deuvels..They mate extremely well..Heard then many times myself and he just returned from the RMAF with great reviews for Thor and Duevles......
Go SET. They are a simple load and don't need a lot of power. i use a Wavac EC300B with only 10 Watts perchannel in a 400sqft room with great results. you won't believe the resolution these speakers are capable of!
SET without the burden of tubes is what I am trying to achieve and Lavardin seems to fit the bill. I know that many BL owners use 300B tubes for these with amazing results.
Just wanted to share that after many listening sessions and research, I settled on a First Watt J2 and it is an amazing match. One particular advantage of the J2 over the 300B amps I tried is the treble, much more open which wakes up the highs that are naturally rolled off or at least recessed due to the omnidirectional tweeter of the BL. Truly a special amplifier, resolution to die for and well-textured while never artificially blooming.
If you think the treble recessed: try a couple of Murata ES103s. does wonders to the Bella Lunas' soundstaging and treble without adding sibilance
Thanks for the tip but not needed anymore with the J2
I love my J2! All the texture of tube without the need to replace $1000 of power tubes ever year. Congrats on a great choice.
very nice system you have! I`ll be curious to hear if the Hovland is an even better match for the J2 than my Bel Canto which neutrality truly lets the J2 shine. Not to mention the killer phono stage. Have you tried a Pass Lab preamp with the J2?
I have not tried any other pre-amps with the J2. I love the Hovland, especially the tubed phono stage. It will take a lot to displace if from the rack.

What Bel Canto model are you using?
I own (and love) a pair or BLDs. I've rolled through quite a few amps and have settled on the JRDC C500. It was a hard call between it and the Ayre mono blocks. The BLDs really settled down with the JR amp, music seems slower and more melodic, and has the ability to soar without strain.
Which amp did you settle on and how did it work out?