Amp for B&W 802N ?

Looking for advise. I have a pair of 802 Nautilus speakers, a Mark Levinson 380S preamp and a Sonic Frontiers tube CD player with a Classe 200 amp. Sound is great but I am wondering if a newer and more powerfull amp would not be more appropriate? Considering a Classe 401... any suggestions?
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Heard the 802N with a YBA set-up and a Sim Audio W-5 and both were great. I would have to give the edge to the Sim - it just seemed to have more ooomph! Although both of these do not offer more power than your Classe they will offer a different sound. You do not specify what in the sound you are looking to change. Such a system would most definately provide you with a rich full bodied sound so if its power you are looking for to give you a better low end then maybe a subwoofer is the ticket..... Just my 2 cents worth - Good luck.
I would like to thank all those who replied. I do not know if I read all the suggestions before the "crash", but there were about 7, all good. Any more would be greatly appreciated! Thanks... Snooker14
Just in case you missed my response (I know some of you must have): Listen up, B&W 801 and 802 owners! What amp you use is of little consequence compared to what crossover you use! What B&W puts in its speakers is a dreadful compromise of this beautiful speaker, severely limiting its performance. I recently bought a pair of North Creek Music outboard crossovers, and now my 802's are just incredible. I've owned and loved B&W's for almost 25 (yes!) years, but what these crossovers did for my 802's is far beyond any improvement I've ever made in amplification. I am not a salesman or affiliated with NCM in any way. But their product is a good example in this hyped hobby of getting good value for your investment. Go their web site and believe what they're saying there. Then buy a pair.
Madisonear... Are you sure the Nautilus series crossovers are as "dreadful" as you say? The question was regarding the Nautilus series not the Matrix series? Not a slam or anything I own a pair of 802N and am just wondering?
Madisonear... Are you sure the Nautilus series crossovers are as "dreadful" as you say? The question was regarding the Nautilus series not the Matrix series? Not a slam or anything I own a pair of 802N and am just wondering?
I'll ask again since I was blown away by the crash. What is the web address for North Creek Music? I have N802s with a VT200 amp driven directly by a Wadia 860x. Excellent sound!
I can only assume that the same compromises which were made in the Matrix Xovers have been carried over to the N series. I do not have proof, but I'm sure the North Creek people can enlighten you regarding the very real physical limitations imposed on these marvelous speakers. B&W was forced to reach a certain market point, and they chose to concentrate their efforts and expenses on the areas in which they are most expert: drivers and cabinet design. Their design philosophy simply does not admit that Xover elements are critical. I am not saying B&W speakers, Matrix or N series, sound bad, or that the stock crossovers are lousy. I am saying they will sound better, perhaps their absolute best, if the crossovers are improved. The North Creek systems are a DRASTIC improvement, not at all subtle in their effect. They don't make the speakers sound different tonally, just more pure, more open, more dynamic, more real. I think the site is northcreekmusic, but use any search engine and it's easy to find.
The reason I ask is that on North Creek Music's web page there is no mention of the Nautilus Series, only the Matrix Series. I am not doubting that the "right" crossover made with top notch materials would sound better, however I am against througing a crossover designed for the Matrix at the Nautilus as they are different designs all together. Now if North Creek specifically marketed a crossover for the 802N that would be different. Cheers.
Have you considered another Classe 200 and running mono's, I'm considering doing that myself. The 401 is an excellent amp however, either choice would be solid, a used 200 would be less expensive.
Pops.... yes I have considered getting another Classe 200. Do you think the 401 is still a better sounding amp: being "the new and improved version" , than a pair of 200s ? Thanks again to all who have given advice. I am still procrastinating, but getting there. Snooker 14
I don't know, that's a tough question. I really like my CA 200 and I've heard the 401 and it is excellent. How different from mine - I can't comment because I haven't heard it in my system. I think bridged or dual mono in 1 chassis is always better than a stereo amp, it tightens everything up big time. I would go with 2 CA 200's if it were me.