Amp for Amphion Argon 3s

Looking for recommendations for solid state stereo (monoblocks if not too large/heavy) amp options.  Budget is somewhere around 6k used/demo.

DAC/pre -- PS Audio DirectStream

Speakers -- Amphion Argon 3s
   Operating principle: 2-way, passive radiator 
   Tweeter: 1" titanium 
   Mid / woofer: 6,5" aluminium 
   Crossover point: 1600 Hz Impedance: 
   8 Ω Sensitivity: 87 dB 
   Frequency response: 30 - 25.000 Hz +/- 6dB 
   Power recommendation: 20 - 150 W

Room - oddly shaped, 20' ceilings, about 22x20 main space.  Typically listen at low volumes and priorities are a full, enveloping sound with high realism, a bit of oomph, great soundstage and instrument placement, pace, and not overpowering bass.  Listen to jazz, vocal jazz, world, electronic, classical.

I've enjoyed (in a different system) the qualities of the Ayre AX-5 and AX-7e.
I recommend a pair of Spread Spectrum Technology Ampzilla 2000's! The last and final design by the late James Bongiorno. There is an excellent review in The Sensible Sound! 
Thank you rober, I will check that out!  Not familiar with it.
How about Amphion's pro line of amps?
Jon, what did you end up getting?