Amp for Amati Homage??

Hello, Dear Amati owners,
I will be getting a nice pair of original Amati Homage. I am using two amps - CJ Premire350 and AR VT100 mk2. I wonder what amps other peolpe are using and thier results?
I've heard these apeakers are picky with the partnering amps. It this true? Also, my room is 4 x 6 meters( 13.5 x 24fts. Is that too small? Thankyou and Merry Christmas.
I had Amatis for about seven years, and tried a number of amps and preamps. I very much liked the VAC Phi Beta integrated with the Amatis. A solid state amp that coupled well with the speakers was the Accuphase A-50V. A lot can depend on your room and the positions of the speakers and listening chair, so it is best to try combinations in your own setup.
Thanks for the comments.
It seems that the two amps that I have is not matching very well than! I see it might like a powerful but warmer/musicial sounding amp rather than a neutral/highly deatailed amp. Am I right?