Amp for Aerial speakers?

My current speakers are NHT SuperTwo's for the front and rear surrounds, with an NHT VT1C center, and Velodyne HGS-18 sub. I will be receiving an Aerial CC5 center channel speaker next week, and will then later (end of year) upgrade the front surrounds to Aerial LR5's, and the rears to Aerial SR3's. My preamp is a Lexicon MC-1, and my amps are two ATI 1506's that I'm running in bridged mode. I have the opportunity to purchase a new Theta Dreadnaught at a great price, and was wondering which amp would be a better match for the Aerials? I did hear the Aerials with the Dreadnaught at the dealer's showroom, and the combination sounded great, so much so that I went ahead and ordered the CC5. I haven't had the chance yet to hear it with the ATI amps though. Thanks for any input.
Classe' is a great match. Most dealers seem to pair them. The emotional center of the music always seems to come through this combo. I think you should check out the Dreadnaught, and find a dealer with the Classe' and Aerial set up if possible, and choose the one you like best. I don't think you can go wrong either way, so I wouldn't try too many other amps. Good luck. It seems you are on the way to a great system. By the way, when I have heard the Classe' gear it was with Cardas cables.
Classe with Aerial is a great match. They do need a lot of power though. The setup I heard, at the dealer, when I bought mine was with a CA301 and a VTL preamp. Very nice!
I have been doing a lot of amp searching and have Aerial 8B speakers. I would look at the new Belles 350A,(two and three channel versions available) I was also looking at the Classe CAM350 and prefer the Belles. Don't get me wrong, Classe is great and you cant go wrong with any of their amps! It's a matter of taste. Both will smoke the ATI which I have owned. EAD is also great with Aerial! Theta is overpriced!!! Bel Canto is a much better more musical amp than Theta. Brown Electronics Amps are the best amps on the plannet by a long shot and cost $4000 for two channels.
The price I'm able to get the new Theta Dreadnaught populated with 5 200w modules is $3500 delivered. With this in mind, is the Dreadnaught a good match/buy for the Aerials?
I'm not sure if your thread is requesting information on other amp matches with Aerials, or whether you wanted further information about the ATIs with Aerials. I read one review that was favorable to the combination, but I have not heard ATIs with Aerials. I have heard Aerials with Classe, Levinson, Proceed, Bryston, and Rowland (which I own). Levinson (outside of the Rowland) was my favorite match with 10ts. Great bass control (Lev 336) and good mid-range. I'm sorry, but I've yet to hear the LR5s, but I assume, perhaps incorrectly but just the same, that the timbre/voice of the LR5s is similar to the 10ts. Best of luck.
Kyee, sorry but I posted at the same time as your last response. My response now is, "Oh, Never mind".
Kyee, I have a pair of 10t's matched with a Classe 300; it took this much power for the Aerials to come alive. I think Aerials in general need a lot of power. My classe is six years old and I have had no trouble with it. I think Classe is a good company; their products are well built and reliable.
I can second those who have synergy with Aerials and Classe,
however my 10t's took on a whole new personality after I sweated and saved enough for Levinson 33H's. If the smaller series share traits with the 10t's, then this may work as well. I bought my 33H's used, and I swore I'd never spend that much coin on amps, however nothing I've heard sounds better TO ME, than these amps.

I've chosen BAT, which cranks tons of current into my 10Ts. I've always heard about the Aerials needing power, but find that the 200W into 4 ohms from my VK-200 is ample. The BAT never seems to run out of juice, and I can feel that I'm on the edge of ear damage without straining the amp.

Tonally the VK-200 is a beautiful match, DEEEEP bass, and very smooth midrange. Great dimensionality and soundstaging. I'd check out the VK-6200. It's muti-channel capable and BAT is a great company. Victor Khomenko and the gang are really good people. Rest of my system is the VPI Aries/JMW arm, CAL CL-15 CD, BAT VK-30 Pre, Audio Magic Spellcaster IIs. I'm thrilled with the setup.
The price I'm able to get the new Theta Dreadnaught populated with 5 200w modules is $3500 delivered. With this in mind, is the Dreadnaught a good match/buy for the Aerials?
Just get the Theata. It's a great amp for the money and will have ample power to drive your speakers. Otherwise get the Llanos and spend more money. That is what I got for my Aerials.
I also endorse Classe, but be sure to get 300 series or more. Smaller Classe's seem to lack headroom. Another suggestion is Sim, who now make a 5 channel amp based on the classic Celeste. Tons of fast current. I run a Sim 150 into 10t's in a fairly small room, and I can hardly wipe the grin off my face. The Dreadnaught is also a very good choice; I heard it in 2 channel driving Dunlavy IV/A's and then Hales Transendance 5's, both to excellent effect. You're all over it; with these options, you practically can't mess this one up. Good luck