Amp for Aerial 8

I know they like alot of high current power and that Rowland is a good match. Is the Rowland 10 or 112 powerful enough? Other suggestions short of top of the line Rowland or Theta. Thanks
Mine sound pretty good with a Proceed HPA2.
check out a Dreadnaught...Aerial and Theta are a good combination
get a dreadnaught thats what i would get!!
Rowland was one of my favorites on the Aerial line and either 10 or 112 should do it justice; however this would of course depend on your room and listening levels.

BAT also did a very nice job as well; if you are looking for more bang per buck the McCormack amps do *quite* well on these guys too.

Good Luck
- DeeCee
Buy a Dreadnaught II

Thanks Craig