Amp for Aerial 10T

I am currently using a Krell KSA 250 which is not lacking for power, but would like to know what other people have used in the past with the 10T's. How do the newer Krell amps compare to the KSA-250 amp?
FWIW, I heard them once with Pass X1000's, truly impressive.
I had the Aerial 8's which are quite similar to the 10's. I used two Classe CA-150's to power them. The bass was tight and the highs were there as they should be. The Aerial's love power. They just sing when properly powered. Hope this helps. Steve
I have heard them with McIntosh, Classe, McCormack and Plinius - each at or over 250 SS watts.

Of all, the Plinius was the most relaxed realistic presentation. Huge soundstage, great detail and dynamic range. Number two was the Classe overall though the McCormack had better midrange bloom it did not have the low end performance of either the Classe or Plinius.

With enough juice the Aerials soar. I would personally love to hear them with a Boulder amp.
A good friend & fellow audio bud has the 10T's & ran them for yrs. w/Pass 350. He sold that & got a big Blue Circle amp & is using a Hovland pre. I have yet to hear that setup because he moved, but he tells me it's even better than w/the Pass & First Sound.

I also heard a different set of 10T's w/Pass 600 monoblocks. It was an even better presentation than the 350.

I'm not a fan of metal dome tweeters but he had his modified so they weren't as forward sounding & with the addition of a tube pre, these sound very good w/plenty of bass impact.
I'm running mine with older model Classe CA301's in the HT. These were my 2-ch speakers several years ago. IMO the best sound I was able to achieve was with the one 301 on the right woofer and another on the left, with my PP Lectron powering the mid/tweeter of both speakers. The gains of the amps need to be very close to do this, but the 10Ts really opened up.

I have also heard the 10t powered by some huge ML amps. The more power, the more this speaker likes it.
My 10T's sounded good with the ARC D300, and the Quicksilver Silver 90's.
I have had 10T's for 10 years. The best I have heard on them is the Levinson 436 monoblocks. Those are MUCH better than the 336, 333, 23.5 all of which I owned for multiple years.
I heard a pair of 10T's driven by a McIntosh MC2000 and I must say to this day that it was one of those systems I would never forget. Absolutely gorgeous sound. I think at the time the amp listed for about 15K. Worth every penny!

I'm driving my 10Ts with an McIntosh MC402 right now. It sounds good. One thing I noticed about the 10Ts is they have a different sound from the other Aerial models.

I've heard a lot of different amps on my 6s and 7Bs but not a lot on the 10s. The 10s are a little more forward and articulate in a way. The bass is better which was to be expected. On the 10s I notice a difference between the sound with grills on and with the grills off. Frankly the highs were a bit more than I wanted with the top ones off. I have a problem with highs in that room anyway. And this with McIntosh.

I've purchased a PASS x250 that'll be here Wednesday. I'm going to try it on my 6s and 7s first. Once I get the gumption up to pull the heavy Mc amp out and try the Pass I'll let you know what I hear.
Glad to connect with other 10T owners because these are really awesome speakers. I've had mine for almost 10 years but it wasn't until I drove them with a pair of Henry Ho's H20 Audio Signature Monoblocs that I really heard the full dynamic range of the 10T's combined with awesome detail and transparency. This combination resulted in rock solid, tight, controlled bass; voices took on an addictive liquid property; treble is extended but not bright. The 10T's crave power and these amps really drive the 10T's with authority. In my system, I've not found the 10T's to sound forward although they may be a touch more so than the 7B's which I auditioned some time ago and really liked. As a side note, I always play the 10T's with the grilles off because of a perceived increase in clarity. Enjoy!
Today I pulled the 10Ts out further than normal. The OM says 2 or 3 feet is adequate. I pulled them out closer to 4 or 5 feet and noticed a good improvement. The bass sounded much better - not more - but balanced and natural. In turn this made the mids and highs better as they balanced with the bass. I can't leave them out all the time due to WAF but I really liked the sound and will be pulling them out more often. Still waiting on the Pass...
Taming the bass is the secret with the 10t. ;-)
Hi Wireless200
Do you still have the speakers. I am driving them with mc402 too. In my roo, it sounds best about 6ft away from the front wall.
When I owned them, they were powered by a Mark Levinson 27.5. Sounded very good.