Amp for Acarian Alon IIs

Hello, I'm still trying to find that "perfect" amp for the Alon IIs. The associated equipment is: Analog: Well Tempered Classic+ Grado Platinum or ATOC9 Digital: PS Audio Lambda + Ultralink Preamp: Classe DR6 / Counterpoint SA3000 (for a tube backup) Speakers: Acarian Alon IIs Cables are Nordost Blue Heaven and Black Orpheus. My choices so far are Classe DR15/DR9 or a Chord SPM600. I've also thought about a Levinson 27 but it seems to run pretty hot (my apartment is small). Thanks for the input
I know you might dismiss this, but biamp the top with a Adcom GFA-535 (original NOT II) and the bottom with a Onkyo M504. Ive tried MANY amps, some costing more than my Alons. This combo puts you there. I dont know if its the impedence or what, but I have have about 4 grand worth of amps to sell now. I just couldnt beat the synergy. I wish you could hear it.
I've audition these speakers with the Rogue 88 amp. It's a 6550 tube based amp. The sound was very good. Sweet but with the punch on the low end. Don't recall how hot these run but the have a built in fan to keep it cool. I suggest you audition this amp before any purchase. Regards,
I am using a BK ST1400 Amp and a conrad johnson PV10A to drive my Alon 1's. It sounds great!!!!
I have the A3 Musical Fidelity iontegrated,with the Alon II's.Very pleased and will produce excellent harmonics. Alan
I'm using my alon's II with a Krell kav300i. I couldn't believe it when I first tried, but the sound if realy nice. This if not as good as with big VTL amps, but wery pleasant anyway and certainly not cold. Of course, the low frequencies are really exceptional. Now, I'm lookink for the best cable partnership.
The best I've heard with any Alon speakers have been VTL and ARC amps, in part probably because the Alon's designer prefers tubes. They have also sounded great with (yes) Krell products, and sound good, though not as refined as the above amps, with the Acurus DIA for friends of mine just getting their feet wet in the high end. Given your preamp, however, you might want to borrow a Classe amp to see how it sounds with them, as I normally would not recommend tubed amps with a solid state preamp. Good luck!