Amp for a tweeter

I’m looking for suggestions.

I’m moving towards a 3 way active crossover system. I’d like to have a dedicated amp for the tweeter. I’m looking for a low power but low noise floor. Is there an amp on the market dedicated to drive only a tweeter?

The midrange will be a First Watt J2 and the crossover will be via First Watt B4.

I primarily listen to chamber music at low volume but would like to improve my system for symphonic music.
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Active setups like that almost never sound right. You're better off buying a better amp.
I was surprised to read you're going to use the J2 for midrange. Why? Because as I was reading your thread I was thinking all along to recommend the M2. I wasn't sure if it had enough power but probably would as you're using the J2.

I love the way my M2 presents the upper frequencies. Only wish I could find a higher power amp that had that presentation without breaking the bank.
Low power amp has lower signal gain than high power amp. How you going to match it?
Small tube amp for airy sweet highs.
I run a PP EL34 amp (30 Watt) on the woofer/mids and a 2A3 SET amp (3 Watt) on the tweeters. Works for me.
"11-06-15: Kijanki
Low power amp has lower signal gain than high power amp. How you going to match it?"

He did say he was going to use an active xover.
So, he must have additional gain in crossover. Thanks Zd542.

If you have a very good tweeter, a pure Class A wide bandwidth amp of 5 to 20 watts would be nice.
Pass had a project one years ago, that I made which drove the treble panel of Quad ESL57's and a Kelly Decca ribbon as also >12khz

He may have done a First Watt one since, these are the perfect tweeter amp, even mid range as well, in a 3 way as you have.

BTW the First Watt B4 is a killer active Xover

Cheers George