Amp for 1.6qr

Checking to see if a Krell KAV 400xi has enough power and or currant to drive magnepan 1,6qr and also reasonable? I'm was trying to keep it simple integr..

200 wpc is enough for Magnepan 1.6s. But being a Magnepan, sometimes 600wpc isn't enough. Keep it down to listening levels and not party levels and it should work fine. 
Krell and Emotiva are my last choices for any Magnepan. The Maggies can use a little extra flavor and bounce and those two amps are dry and flat IMHO. 
What do you think about Emerald Physics 200..2se? Same power as the 400xi I'm not familiar with the digital amps they state it's not the ICE or Hypex just checking out my options.

"...What do you think about Emerald Physics 200..."

Sorry no experience with that one. 
I may be selling my Anthem, which runs my 1.6s now. Great amp that never breaks a sweat.
I know this runs counter to conventional wisdom, but I ran a pair of 1.6s with outboard modded xovers for several years with a Music Reference RM9. The room was 26 x 16 and 100 tube watts doesn't work on paper, but it sounded excellent.