Amp enlightenment for a newbie…

I am setting up a new HT/music system and would like to ask for enlightenment on the purpose of an amplifier and pre-amp. Usage is HT 70%, music 30%; music preference – jazz, pop, r&b, classical, not too much into heavy stuff.

Basically, the pre-amp can be the processor or a receiver and manages the whole system. On the other hand, the amplifier is connected to the pre-amp and is used to power the speakers. Assuming my understanding is correct here are my questions:

1) What is better? A receiver (i.e. Denon 4802) plus an affordable below $1000 amp or an affordable processor and a more expensive amp?
2) Can processors/receivers without THX process THX films?
3) What is a THX amp?
4) Can you use a 2 channel amp plus a processor (i.e. rotel) for a 6 channel unit? The amp powering the front speakers and the processor supply the surround, center and subs?
5) If you have $7,500 to spend on speakers, amp and pre-amp how will you allocate?

Sorry, some of my questions might sound naïve ha ha ha.
Hi Tyrone, you're bound to get varying answers, but unfortunately in my experience I've found you can't do both well.

In my opinion, to do jazz right requires a system completely opposed to a home theater set up. But everyone's tastes and pocket books vary so it could just be my circumstance.

Some people use a good 2-channel amp for both HT and music, but utilize a 2-channel preamp with an HT pass-through. That way the 2-channel preamp is used only for music and bypassed for HT, and a good DVD/SACD player used for both.

Good luck!
if you try out a good two channel system in your home, you will find the ration om HT/Music listening rapidly reversed (and then some).

THX is a marketing certification. Means zero in terms of sound quality.