amp de-powering soon after power-on

For all your electronics wizards on this forum, what would cause my Bryston 3BST to turn itself off, several seconds after manual turn on? It is doing it consistently.

I assume this is a protective maneuver. Is it a short? Fuse??

I've checked the power cord; changed it to a different power strip; checked all other connections. Since I am a mere consumer, I don't know what else to do.

The amp was working fine last week. It's in my office system, which was off over the 3-day weekend. I know I can send it to the company, but am wondering if I can fix it on my own. Thanks for your help.
Your questions would be best answered by Bryston -- call them, they're very nice. And, they will tell you if you need to send the amp in for service, or if you could fix it on your own.
please post the result of your conversation, as i've an amp with a very similar problem.

I suspect that it is caused by circuitry that turns the amp off in the event of overheating etc...a defective component (possibly a capacitor) in the circuit is causing the circuit to get turned on, turning off the amp. As Nsgarch suggested, contact Bryston as you cannot fix it yourself.
agree it needs a call to Bryston.
They have a fantastic warranty, so they certainly have built in protection circuitry to prevent major problems.
It's turning itself off before it explodes!(ha ha)
It may be a minor issue with the protection circuits, or a major fault!
With the warranty 20 years! I'd send it in.
(or is it more than 20 years old?)

Bryston tells me it's a "low-voltage power supply" problem.
I won't even try to fix that. Up to service in Vermont it is going. It's around 3 yr young. I guess this qualifies, given the duration of the Bryston warranty, as an infant mortality.


I doubt the "ST" versions were around 20 yr ago. But that circuit protection is a wonderful part of this particular problem. It certainly saved all the other gear in the system from amp-associated damage!!

Thank you all for your solid advice.