Amp cutting out/shutting off at same place on CD

I have had a Sim Audio W-5 for about 1 1/2 years now and use it with a Sim Audio P-3, Pioneer CD changer and an MSB Link DAC III. I've been very pleased with the results using Soliloquy 5.3 speakers. Over the holidays, I hooked up a pair of James 10 Loudspeakers to give them a listen. I liked the result with them as well but when I got to track 6 of "The Big Picture", a Telarc CD of Erich Kunzel and the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra the amp just shut off or cut out part way through. The track is one of the Apollo 13 Mission and is pretty intense. I tried it several times and at volume levels over 50% the amp cuts out every time. At 50% or less it plays all the way through. Do I need more power or is this normal? Has anyone out there had the same experience with this particular CD? Is the amp protecting itself by cutting out or is the CD overloading it or what?
msnloeth: from your description, it sounds as tho your amp cannot provide sufficient peak power to the load presented by the james speakers and shuts down for protection of both your electronics and the speakers. if possible, borrow an amp with higher power/current and see whether it improves things. -cfb
Depending on the drive level from the source, the dynamics of the recording and the overall gain characteristics of the amplificiation chain, most systems are running at or very near rated power with the volume control at appr 1:00 or 60% of wide open. With that in mind, your guess and Kelly's response is right on the money. You need more "juice" in order to maintain the listening level that you're trying to achieve and your amp is protecting itself. Sean

Since you have had no issue with the Soliloquy's it sounds like the James speakers have a crazy low impedance in the bass. When the CD gets crazy the speaker demands an insane amount of current from the amp into its low impedance and the amps protection circuitry shuts it down. I have used the W-5 in the past and it has loads of low impedance current so it sounds like the James has a poor crossover design that is causing this. Wally
Thanks for the input. I agree with all of you. I'm not overly concerned about this particular track as it is actually a recording of the space shuttle lifting off and is not too entertaining after you've heard it once. The jacket of the cd actually has a warning in it aboout trying to play it too loud. I wouldn't normally listen to at such high levels anyway. I never tried playing it above 50% with the Soliloquys for fear of breaking them. I'm not sure why I tried it so loud with the James. Just goofy I guess. Have a good new year.