Amp+Cords or New Amp, best bang for $$$

If I have ONLY $4k to spend on an amp, should I get a less expensive amp and put the rest to Power Cords or should I spend the whole enchilada on an amp. I currently have a BAT VK-500 with BAT PAK and PS Audio Lab Cables but am very curious about the Levinson 333. This isn't necessarily about my specific choices, but rather the wisdom of spending $1k or more on cables prior to upgrading an amp. I sometimes wonder if it isn't a lot like those hopped-up toyotas. Like many of you, I use Audiogon as my listenening room so I'm looking for some feed-back prior to "using my ears" to decide. FYI- Sonic Frontiers T3/P3, BAT Vk5i, Dynaudio Confidence 5, Kimber KCTG ICs and Cardas Golden Cross Speaker Cables.

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I'm in agreement with Dekay as to the pc issue - it is all over the place - try before you buy! You have a very nice system now and I think that better amp would make more of a difference than a lesser amp with an aftermarket pc. IMHO, trading your amp for a $3000 one would accomplish less than spending the full amount on a new amp - hey thats just my opinion...