Amp+Cords or New Amp, best bang for $$$

If I have ONLY $4k to spend on an amp, should I get a less expensive amp and put the rest to Power Cords or should I spend the whole enchilada on an amp. I currently have a BAT VK-500 with BAT PAK and PS Audio Lab Cables but am very curious about the Levinson 333. This isn't necessarily about my specific choices, but rather the wisdom of spending $1k or more on cables prior to upgrading an amp. I sometimes wonder if it isn't a lot like those hopped-up toyotas. Like many of you, I use Audiogon as my listenening room so I'm looking for some feed-back prior to "using my ears" to decide. FYI- Sonic Frontiers T3/P3, BAT Vk5i, Dynaudio Confidence 5, Kimber KCTG ICs and Cardas Golden Cross Speaker Cables.

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Metaphysics: The debate is so wide over cables in general, you really should use your ears to decide. I have never upgraded the PC on my amp, because it is still under warrenty and the PC's (two pieces) are integral. I did use an inexpensive PC by Harmonic Tech on my CD player which I recently moved to my DAC. The improvement is a major one in my system, however I also have a poor AC source (live in an apartment building in LA) and am around TV and radio stations as well. You can demo PC's from the cable co for shipping charges and perhaps a small fee (not certain, maybe no fee), I also assume that you would pay for the cord, to be refunded upon return, but check with them. The Cable Company's web site is at ( They will also help you select a chord or chords based on your equipment, budget and taste* (* use the comments box on their request screen). If the chords do not do it for your system, you can move on with having spent very little money to audition the chords.
PS: I will be using The Cable Company (as soon as some new stuff in my system settles in) to audition digital cables. My only other alternative is to buy used and sell which I feel is too much of a bother. They also have many used cables as well at nice discounts to choose from (Hit the used cable link on their website). I was ready to chuck my CAL player until I upgraded the PC. Who knows, you may get off cheap and get the sound that you are looking for.