Amp connecter to biwire

Hi can anyone link me to high quality connectors to use on my amp that allows  two runs of speaker cable with banana plugs  to be connected to each amp terminal. The amp terminals accept both banana and spade terminals

Really i just need a high quality spade to banana connector. That would be spade to amp with female banana to accept speaker cable male banana
Why not get one pair of spade terminated cables and one pair or banana terminated?
If you mean that you have 2 sets of banana terminated cables and want to use them 'as is', then you can either cut off the banana terminations of one set and use them 'naked', or get a set of adapters, like these:
Hi Bob

I already have the cables which are high end and factory terminated with bananas and i don't want to chop them.
Those Cardas terminals look like the job

Thx Brett