Amp Confusion

Well, I am looking at the possibility of purchasing a pair of Tyler Acoustics Decade 2 Loudspeakers which are floorstanding (88sen) and am thinking about the following amps. I am thinking about the Pathos Acoustics Logos, the Bat 300x, the Bel Canto Evo 2, and the Bel Canto 300i. Unfortunately, the only one of these i have heard is the logos but that does not mean that it is the best match for tyler speakers.
My system consists of the Tyler Signature Series. The pre is an Audio Horizons by Joseph Chow which is fed by a Audio Research CD-3. The amps are Classe CA-150's which are biamp mode. Yes, I realize that the new Decade 2's are an improvement but I thought this info could shed some light on your pursuit. The speakers seem to thrive on the solid state amps. Steve
Any particular reason why you are mostly looking at Integrated amps and not seperate amp/preamps ?

It sounds like you arerecommending that a ss amp is a better match for the speakers than a tube amp. Why is that?


I have had good luck with integrated amps and they are cost effective also. Stephen
I have a Rogue Audio Tempest II Magnum tube integrated and Tyler 7U speakers that I am extemely happy with. Lots of folks on these forums use Tylers and tube equipment and are happy with the sound. As always, it is what you hear and like that matters.
Sorry for the delay in responding. Have kayaking all day and just got on line. My musical interests are in full orchestral works. The power of solid state to my ears allows the reserve for the range associated with the low organ to the mezzo soprano to the violin. Yes, the discussion about tubes versus solid state goes around my audio friends constantly. They agree that for my music tastes the solid state suits my needs. This not to say that a solo violin or female voice is hindered in any way by this setup. Hope this helps. Steve
Salevick- have you heard a higher powered tube setup;I think you should if you haven't as the sound levels and proper reproduction of music you are trying to obtain especially female vocals and violins are easily obtainable with tube power if implemeted with the right amplifier.
I think you could be very surprised and extremely happy with tube results.