Amp Configuration SS or biamp Tube + SS

I've done a lot to my system from caps, wire, tubes, many speakers, and dacs. I am finally pretty happy with everything, but I never found a lot of high return in amps. 

Every upgrade i've done has lead to simply a more realistic presentation of the music, more detail, less glare, lower noise floor, and better sound stage. 

My current system involves a Mirus DAC > Pathos Preamp > two Audio Source amps > into JBL 4319. 

The surprising thing is that I never found the audio source amps to be holding back the system,  but as I am done tinkering with everything and it seems its time to try amps again. 

I was thinking about using A21+ amp to replace the two audio source amps, or should I try keeping the SS amp for the woofer and pairing the HF with a pair of tube amps, quicksilver mid mono.