Amp compatibility


i am new to this so aplogies in advance. I am trying to get an anthem mca 5 amp to power some paradigm signatures s2. I currently have a pioneer vsx-919ah-k receiver and can’t figure out if i have pre outs for the speakers. I know i have a pre out for the sub, but i am not sure if i can pair the new amp with this receiver or i will have to get a new reciever or preamp. Thank you very much!
You have to get a reciever with multi-channel pre-out or a preamp/processor connect to the anthem mca 5, there's NO multi-channel pre-out on your pioneer vsx-919ah-k .
Good Afternoon, tencijup:

   From pictures on the web, it doesn't look like your Pioneer receiver has pre-outs to connect to the Anthem MCA5 5-channel power amp. (Most receivers don't.)  It may be possible to use the 'Zone 2' out or the DVR Out or CD-R Out into a separate (basic?) preamp with one (or more) inputs and 1-2 outputs having a volume control and then the output of this separate preamp into the Anthem but you would need to check the manual as to whether this is doable. (Maybe one of these outputs can function like the tape out from older preamp, integrated amps, or receivers.) Please do not plug/connect any one of these outputs from you receiver into the Anthem as the signal level/strength may well be higher than the Anthem can handle and in process blow your speakers. Other option is as you mentioned - new receiver with preamp outs or a preamp to connect into the Anthem.

Thank you very much for the kind explanation & advice! Wife will not like this new expense :-)

You're welcome. I hear ya!  ;o)
Is there a way to test an amplifier without having a pre amp processor? I mean if I only have the speakers and the aforementioned vsx-919, can I test to see if the amp is fully working etc. i guess the correct path is getting a processor first and then the amp, right? Thank you again!
Do you have a 3.5mm to RCA cable?

While the amp is power off, plug it in your cell phone headphone jack and the RCA end to the amp input, turn on the amp, play some music on your phone, make sure you turn the volume to 0 then slowly turn up the volume.
good luck!