Amp comparison

Is the ARCRef150se worth the extra cost over the original Ref150?
Looking to upgrade from ARC110 to ARC150 or 150se.
I can't say but I have the Ref 110 and it is significantly better than my old VT 200 at everything except maybe, bass slam.

SE owners seem to love theirs and the hierarchy of ARC models in general offer improvements from old model to new, standard to reference, and probably reference to SE. To what degree I don't know.

That being said, you could get a pair of Ref 210s for the cost of a 150SE.

Thanks for the info,I did see that modded 110 on agon. I think I would go the extra cash for a 150 though.  Also ARC may not even work on a modded ARC unit should it require servicing.
IMO, the ARC 150SE is significantly better than the Ref 150.  I own the 150SE and previously the 150 unmodded.  
In what ways is it significantly better?


Rolling the KT-150s in the Ref 150 made a noticeable difference.  Deeper and tighter base, smoother range.  But the SE mod took the amp to a different level.  Bass was tighter still, more open and transparent, better control over the speakers.  
But to be candid, I made the switch over to the SE version many years ago so it is hard to be very specific on details.  That said, if you have a chance to A/B the regular 150 with the SE version, the differences will be day and night noticeable.
Well playing devils advocate a fellow Audiogoner has had both the Ref 150 and SE.  He preferred the 150.  Felt it was a overall tubier sounding amp. 
Thanks all again for the feedback. I am still chewing on this and more feedback would always be welcome.
I had a Ref110 and upgraded to GS150 (the predecessor of the Ref150se) and the difference is striking.  I have not regretted the move for a second.
Ya,I would also consider a GS150  as I have seen some pretty good prices  on agon .
FYI, based on a conversation with Kal at ARC, I understand that the GS 150 is the same as the Ref 150SE, just a different skin.  The specs are identical.  In any case, you can refresh what I understand by calling ARC.  There is a new guy who took over for Kal, … forget his name. 
thanks bifwynne I did hear that the GS150 had a slightly tubier sound than both REF150s.