Amp choices for Silverline Sonata

Recently purchased a pair of Silverline Sonata.
NOT having good sound at all with my Marantz PM-17.
Blurry, no focus, lifeless...
Its like a speaker with a blanket over them.

Heard the Silverline Sonata are better with tube amps.
Want to know if you guys have some recommendations for me...
Any inputs are greatly appreciated! Thanks!
I am using the Sonata III with two Rouge Audio Stereo 90's and a Rogue 99 pre-amp and I love the sound.
I know our amps work great on the Sonatas. In general, the speakers are very tube friendly and you will get your best results with a good tube amp. Spend the time- it will be worth it.
Check out amps of Aleph series made by Pass Labs. They are single-ended SS amps(easy to maintain), but sing in tube-like tone. I've been keeping my Aleph-P + Aleph-4 with come-and-go Dynaudio speakers for years, and love the combination. Sonata III is my next upgrade. I heard, Gamut makes great amps with tube-like sound as well. Would give them an audition later...