Amp choices for biamping Von Schweikert VR-4jr's?

In the last 4 months, I have upgraded my entire 2-channel system which now consists of:
Music Hall CD25.2 with Underwood Level 1+ mods
Bel Canto Pre2P
McCormack DNA-225
Von Shchweikert VR-4jr
I am using Signal cable power cords and Silver Resolution IC's. Speaker cables are currently the weak point: 20 year old Monster cable multi fine strand stuff (probably 14 gauge total?) going to the mid/tweeter cabinet, and generic 16 gauge going to the bass cabinets.

The first question is, should I upgrade the speaker cables before assaulting my wallet by picking up another amp? What I'm looking for is a "sweeter" more "airy" upper midrange and more high end extension (tapped high hats for instance are too laid back for my 48 year old ears.)

I'd keep the DNA-225 for the bass cabinets and may want to try tubes for the mid/tweets. I don't know that any local dealer (a bit West of Baltimore) would let me home audition a tube power amp, but I'll start asking. Also, we are resurrecting the Baltimore area audio club, so there may be some opportunity there to swap.

My other dilemna (by having fallen in love with the VSA sound) is, my local dealer returned from CES with a "coupon" from Albert for $1k off a pair of VR-5SE's. He's had a pair in his showroom for a couple weeks that I made the mistake of listening to thinking I would give my left [email protected] to bring a pair home. Between the coupon (good till early February) and his demo price, they are awfully tempting. Thank God for home equity lines of credit!

I listen mostly to modern jazz (Yellow Jackets, Chick Corea, Larry Carlton), older progressive rock (Yes, Genesis, ELP, Renaissance, Pink Floyd, Steely Dan), older Southern rock (Marshall Tucker, Outlaws), some blues and classical (tend more toward powerful orchestral works, not so much string quartets.) The room is a finished basement, L-shaped, roughly 28x26 feet on the long walls, fully carpeted, and also serves as the home "theatre." The speakers are straddling a 65" HD RPTV and are about 7 feet apart, fronts about 4 feet from the back wall, and listening position about 11 feet back.

Looking forward to voices of experience. Thanks,

I've heard the 5se here locally,and yes it is a hard act to follow.You will want tubes for these speakers,but the Pass X series worked very well.The VSA although high in efficiency really love the power
And -yes,get some different speaker cables.Try a single run w/jumper before bi-wiring. Tom
I have the VR 7 SE currently but had the luxury of the VR 4jrs for about 3 months. One big improvement was Virtual dynamics biwire speaker cable. I had a Jena labs speaker wire with an audience jumper and it did not do the speaker justice. Very weak midbass region. Virtual dynamics are now on my 7's and I never heard a better cable. I also got rid of tubes and went with the dartzeel gear. i have a big room and the tube amps I was using never got the bass right. Always to lean. The 7's are a completely different sound than the 4'rs and am sure the 5's are closer to the 7's. You have the room and I would suggest the bigger speaker.
If you can swing it go for the V's, "They are that good" if you can't biamping and changes in speaker cable will also improve the 4 jrn's. Keep the DNA 225's even if you go with the V's it will drive them by itself until you are ready to biamp and then like you stated it would be great for the bass cabinets. check out the thread on the V's a lot more info there on the subject.
That doesn't answer your question, but anyway...
I think you're right about speaker cables - I would replace them first. But, it's another piece in your equipment list I'd like to comment on. Some time ago, I was comparing different power cords, including Signal Cable. My honest opinion - it was worse than practically everything else I tried with list price of $200 and higher. In most cases, list price of $200 translates in <$100 used, which is pretty much in Signal territory. Just two examples: of 3 different PS Audio cables - Prelude, Plus, Statemet - Signal was competitive only with Prelude, having better bass but flatter soundstage. And, Virtual Dynamics Power 3 was better in every respect, including bass.