amp choice,s

I just lost one channel on my amp of 10 years and would cost more to fix than it is worth. So I am looking for a used upgrade . Possible choice,s are Marsh a200 ,PS audioHCA2 ,Bel canto evo200.2 . Has anyone compared these amps ? Also how about Musical Fidelity ? any help would be great. Steve
List the rest of your system and musical tastes and we can better advise.



I have not compared all of them, but have auditioned the PS Audio HCA2 and ownded the Bel Canto 200.2. If you do not mind, I will throw an additional (perhaps surprising option for you) ... they are too new to find used, but the Channel Islands Audio D-100 (100wpc) and D-200 (200wpc) were, to me, everything I wanted the PS Audio and Bel Canto to be ... but were not.

Lovely little amps ... sold direct-only, but with a 30-day audition period. I purchased the D-100s and simply love them!

Good luck with your search.