Amp Choice for new PSB X2T Tower Speakers?

Hi - I've selected my speakers first in my new system - PSB X2T towers which are new this year. So I can't find much online about matching with an amp but I'd appreciate any recommendations on amps. Perhaps if you have experience with the PSB T2 or T6 Imagine line, that may be close to the X2Ts as to amp matching. My current choices on used market are:

Musical Fidelity M3i or M6i - with M6i around $1800 used

NAD (owned by PSB now, so apparently good match - like the NAD 375BEE)

Naim Nait 5i

Or could go with separates - I used to have an older Hafler 9505 which was great, or I was reading about the ARC 100.2 power amp possibly matched with ARC pre-amp.

Those are my contenders right now, learning towards integrated amp side. Thanks very much and I'm open to other suggestions too. Thanks.
I had the Naim. Hugely overrated. Didn't care for it at all. The newer MF gear is very solid state sounding. No way you would ever mistake it for a tube amp. I don't think it would be a good match for your metal tweeters. What's your budget?
Thanks and my budget is $2000 and under. That is a good point on the MF gear. I am looking for a wide soundstage and that's why MF was on my list. But I don't want a harsh sounding amp with the metal tweeters. If I could get a musical sounding wide sound stage amp. And these X2's can handle up to 200 WPC and I like louder volumes so I don't want to underpower these speakers. What would you recommend? Thanks !
Used Pass X150? Might do what you are looking for.