Amp change/upgrade for JBL4367 (94dB 2Way with Horn tweeter & 15" woofer)

Currently using Mcintosh MAC7200(SS 200W integrated).  Little soft but zero fatigue. Digital source only, listening mostly mid to low volume, vocal and acoustic music.
In mine mind : Mark Levinson 585; Pass INT250; Mcintosh D150orC47+MC452; C2500+MC452
Can some one has actual experience with the above amps give your impression and advise?
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I'm sure some one with more direct experience with your speakers can add more but here are your specs. 
  • Sensitivity 1W @ 1m: 94dB.
  • Nominal Impedance: 6 Ohms.
those specs off hand look easy to drive.

You have a wide open world of amplification at your disposal and you don't need huge power 25wpc and up I'd think. 

So something to consider is less power and save some money. I really don't think you'll need 300wpc or close.

I have speakers that are 94db and 6 ohm nominal and run them with 8wps. for example ( granted i'd think 20-30wpc would be idea for my speakers)

I bet a Pass labs class A amp would be wonderful or maybe a Luxman Class A amp. 

No reason to pay extra for all that power if you wont ever use it. IMO

Something to consider.